Women from Belarus - The ultimate dating guide

When you hear guys sing praises about the unbelievably good looking and feminine Slavic girls, you think of Russia, and maybe Ukraine, but Belarus doesn't exactly jump to mind. After multiple trips to Moscow, Kiev, Odessa and St Petersburg, I decided to venture a bit of the beaten path, and prepared for a true Soviet experience. I took the Thursday and Friday off, packed my bags and left for a long weekend to Minsk, where I learned about women from this mesmerizing city.

Since you are reading this post, you might be planning something similar. To give you the best chance with the women from Belarus I am going to share what I learned, including:

  1. What are Belarusian girls like and how to impress them?
  2. How Belarusians compare to other Slavic girls
  3. How to plan an evening out in Minsk
  4. The best daygame venues
  5. Some tips for starting a conversation

So here's to hoping that this post can answer all your questions and more. 

What are Belarusian girls like?

You are in luck, and you don’t even know it yet. Why? Because you’re a foreigner, and that gives you extra points right of the bat. Women from Belarus don’t travel a lot on average, and they are very curious about other places and cultures. So try to entertain them with some details from your hometown. 

They have the most interest in men that traveled a lot around the world. They like interesting men that appreciate art and history. Talk with them about the places you visited, because they don’t travel that much and that far. If they the are from a fairly well off family, you can expect to have gone to Russia, Spain, Turkey, Greece, and Italy, so you can skip these places.

Young beautiful blonde caucasian girl playing with colorful balloons in te suburbs - childhood, carefreeness concept

I know you want to know about the quick hook-ups, and as I already said before, that won’t come that easy in Belarus. These women value family and marriage, they value tradition, and they are not the best choice for fast sexual encounters.

The western dating culture is far from Belarus, and because of that, they make the best potential lifetime partners in Europe.

Compared to other European girls, Belarusian girls like slow dating. You will need a couple of dates before you close the deal. So I would recommend that you keep them quick and short. Ask them to give you a tour of the city for example.

Even if the sex doesn’t come that fast, they are not prudes, so just enjoy the process.

Belorussian girls are shy, you will see that right away, but don’t ever mistake that for naivety. They are very sweet and genuine but also cunning at the same time. Even though Belarus is a quite isolated country, the girls know a lot about western values.

Belarusian girls prefer face-to-face dating over online dating, however you can try out the dating site International Cupid. It will help you find Belarusian girls interested in foreign men as it is a site aimed at international dating. 

Your best chances are to use night game and day game to meet the best girls Belarus has to offer. Now you’re probably thinking – wait, so I have to go through all that hassle getting a Schengen Visa,  just to be friendzoned by an entire country?

Not quite, it will just take a bit more time, that is why I recommend a minimum of a 2 week stay if you want to secure your flag. They are not into the whole hook-up culture - if you strictly want that, then go to Ukraine or the Czech Republic.

Belarusian women are the jewels worth keeping, and they don’t come that easy. If you’re fed up with all the hookups, and you want a more meaningful relationship which can develop into something serious, then this is the best place for you, trust me.

Remember the following three tips, and you  will surely get you a nice Belarusian girl you will be happy with.

  1. You’re a foreigner, a lot of bonus points.
  2. You show that you want a romantic long-term relationship.
  3. You dress well, and are willing to pay for dinner or drinks (but please screen for gold diggers, there are some in this part of the world.)

Do Belarusian girls live up to their Russian counterparts?

People around the world usually don’t know much about Belarusian women - most guys in the US don’t even know they exist. To be fair, it’s quite difficult to be known and widely recognized when you've been under the heel of mother Russia for the entire 20th century.

Although similar to their neighboring beauties from Russia and Ukraine, Belarusian girls are not as sexy as them. Don’t get me wrong - they are beautiful,  but they just don’t have the same sex appeal, but that might be personal preference.

It’s all individual, but if I personally had to nitpick, Ukrainian & Russian girls would have a small edge - they’re more fun overall!

But, don’t let this discourage you. They are not unattractive by any means, they are very feminine, and they are very friendly.

The first thing you will notice after their stunning beauty is their shyness. If you’re looking for a one-night-stand, it is possible to get one, but these girls are a better choice for long-term relationships than one-night hookups. 

Face of a beautiful Belorussian girl from Belarus

Their sweetness and shyness isn't just a facade, for the most part, Belarusian women are not interested in physical-only relationships.

They love affection & appreciation, just like all the girls from this part of the world. However, Belarus women take this to a whole new level - you have to be extra careful and thoughtful with them.They are mostly conservative, but not restricted to having fun; not boring in any way, trust me.

They are that type of girl that looks like a keeper at first glance. But, of course, they are not clones, and you can find the ones that only like to have fun for a limited time only if you know the places where to look.

When talking about meeting girls, Minsk is an absolute must - the biggest amount of available women per square feet is located there. Furthermore, the capital will have you surrounded with English-speaking girls, which might not be the case elsewhere. Minsk is the heart of Belarus nightlife, and you’ll have the best time there hands down.

The next question arises - which places to visit in Minsk?

Night guide to finding girls in Minsk 

Speaking of places where to look for girls, Minks has a lot of nightclubs and cafes that are great for meeting women. The bars and clubs are pretty diverse, and each has its own particular audience. The most popular ones are in the Oktyabrskaya and Zybitskaya streets.

Depending on what kind of night-out you like, there’s a lot of clubs for jumping and dancing, but there are also a couple of places where you can chill out and have a conversation.

Try some of these places I picked out for you, and test your luck.

digital painting of city at night with colorful lights.

Rich Cat Nightclub

This nightclub has almost everything. They have a lot of events, barmen shows, go-go shows, and hookah. They even host weddings and children parties. Bookings are available, and you can book yourself a table and try something from the Belarusian cuisine while you’re at it.

As for the music, the DJ-s usually play R’n’B and pop music remixes. Sometimes they even host concerts, so don’t be surprised. The club has a dress code; you will be able to get in dressed casually, but, I would recommend that you get a suit.

To get in, you’ll have to pay around $10, but here’s the catch, the entrance is free for the girls. You can find this club at 29 Vera Horuzhaya street, anytime from 11 pm to 6 am.


If you want to treat a girl with a fancy dinner at a restaurant with a great river view, this is it. It has great meals, but I wouldn’t advise you to make this place your first stop. It is a great place for a date, but not to find one.

Although it is also a nightclub, it has more of a restaurant vibe to it. When you meet one of those shy Belarusian girls, this is the place for a first date. You can start the date with dinner and transition to drinking and dancing.

You can find this place at 25 Kupala street. The entrance fee is around $13, and it’s open from 11 pm to 6 am.

Bogema Live Club

This club is great to find that girl that is not usually shy. And if you have some singing skills, you will score for sure. They have a lot of themed parties, parties with DJs but mostly there are karaoke nights. They offer food as well, so after you impress the girl with your voice, you will have something else to talk about.

The entrance fee is around $10, and it’s open from 8 pm to 9 am. You can find it at 17/1 Masherova Avenue. If you have any trouble finding it, it’s very close to Victory Square, so start there and ask for directions.

Dozari Club and Mojito Bar

This club is huge, and if you like to play “the numbers game” this is the right place to do it. There are several zones and two levels to explore. When you want to take a break and talk a bit with a girl, go to the Mojito Bar and chill out.

They also have a restaurant, if you’re feeling to get a dinner for two. The night parties are usually held with DJs and Go-Go. The entrance fee is $10, and it’s open from 11 pm to 6 am.

You can find Dozari at 58 Nezavisimosti avenue.

TNT Rock Club

If the rock is your kind of music, I recommend TNT Rock Club for you. You will feel more relaxed when the background is your kind of tune. As most of the Minsk clubs, this one as well is a mix of a club, restaurant, and a bar.

The music repertoire depends on what day of the week it is, and they mostly have live music and cover bands. Not to get too much into stereotypes, but there is a higher chance that you will meet an outgoing girl that is into rock music.

The entrance is free, it’ open from 12 am to 12 pm, and you can find it at 9 Revolutionnaya street.

Next Club

You can find this club in the city center, and the convenient thing about it is that it’s at the Crowne Plaza hotel. So you can get a room in the very same hotel in which you will try to find a girl. See where I’m going with this? Great!

There’s a lot of things going on in this club, bars, slot machines, casino, and go-go. There’s a high chance that you will find a girl for a one-night-stand here, but you will also spend more money than in other clubs. But, hey, the girls inside are hot, and the hotel is right there.

The entrance fee is $10; it’s open from Wed-Sun 11 pm to 6 am.

Where to meet sexy Belarusians during the day

Most of the activities happen during the night, but you can try your day game in a few places.

Prime Hall

Prime Hall is one of the places to go both by day and night. It’s one of the most popular concert venues in the country. You can enjoy a lot of happenings and meet girls that are interested in fashion, music, and science.

If you want to talk to a classy girl by the day, set your GPS to Prime Hall. The happenings and concerts usually start at 8 pm. You can find it at 65 Pobediteley Avenue.

Kvartira №3 

This is a café that has a very cozy atmosphere. It’s a great place to chill, drink and talk. You can even order some food and make the best daytime date. It’s open 24/7, but I would recommend that you go there by day exclusively.

The atmosphere reaches its peak while the sun is still out. The entrance is usually free, but based on the type of party, it can cost up to $5. You can find it at 3 Kulman street.

Regardless of cafés and clubs, roam the streets a bit, and get to know random girls on the way. And remember to lower your expectations for all clubs, Belarus is still a bit in its Soviet past, and they are not yet fully recovered.

Final thoughts

Belorussian girl wearing traditional Eastern Europe folk costumes.

Belarus might not be the country of random one-night-stands, and if that is what you are after I suggest you take a look at our guides on Norwegian and Swedish women. Still, I’m confident you will change your mind once you meet a sweet Anastasia, Tanya, Kate, Alina, Veronika, Dasha or Anna from Belarus.

As I mentioned before, Belarusian girls prefer meeting face-to-face, and one of the best sites for serious dating is International Cupid.

By the way, an excellent strategy for text game is to look up the meaning of the name of the girl you are talking to. Remember, Belarusian girls have similar names to Ukrainian and Russian girls, bookmark these posts if you are travelling there anytime soon!

Finally, even though it takes a great deal more effort to hook up with a Belarusian woman, I promise you will have fun in Minsk and your general standard for beauty, classiness and femininity in women will be raised. 

Trust me, I have a Slavic girlfriend myself, and the chase is certainly worth the catch.

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