French Girl FAQ – Are they beautiful? Should you date one?

Ah France, the place were we Americans go to fall in love, and horribly butcher their language while we are at it. And at the heart of this daydream is Paris, city of love and romance.
Or is it?

Are these previous claims true or is this just the way how movies, books, and other media portray Paris and France in general?

During a couple of weeks of my visit, it looked to me more like the city of seduction, flirting and sex than romance and love. After my brief stay I came to the conclusion that it is harder to date in Paris than in other countries.

If you want to hear more about my experience in Paris with French girls and learn a few tips on dating a French girl along the way, read on.

What do French girls look like?

As I’ve previously mentioned, there is a difference between the representation of Paris and France in general, in media and real life. Although French girls do look nice, not all of them are beautiful of course.

Photo of smiling young woman sitting at the table reading book in cafe and looking aside while drinking coffee.

Most of the Parisian girls that I’ve met during my trip can be described in French as ‘’au naturel’’, which means natural. They are very natural, not too tall with either dark or light brown hair. There are a few blondes, but they are in the minority. I’ve also noticed that many of them have light eyes.

Although French girls are really into fashion, they usually look casual with a nice hairstyle and minimal makeup. They have natural beauty after all.

How are French girls personality-wise?

The first thing you should know when it comes to French girls is that they don’t date, at least not in American type of way. There isn't even a French word for date or dating.

There is no such thing as the first, second or third date. If a girl goes out with you on a dinner or for a drink, it's not a typical, formal date and it doesn't mean she's interested in you. I know, it might seem weird to you at first since you're not used to this lifestyle. 

It is also not unusual for French girls to go out for dinner with a male friend, even if she's in a relationship with another guy.

When you go out in Paris, whether it's a club, a restaurant or a picnic, you usually won't see girls separated from men. They like to go out together. Single sex groups are not their thing like in America or other European countries. They go out in groups that include both men and women, they socialize and eventually end up together.

French girls are more feminine than girls from other European countries. Maybe it’s the language or the way they behave, walk, talk, etc. When you see a French girl in a bar or at the restaurant, she will have a certain allure about her, standing or sitting elegantly, waiting for an admirer.

French girls like to play games...

When I’ve met the first French girl at the bar, she was looking at me discreetly, so I thought it was only right to approach her and start flirting with her. However, a couple of minutes after we started chatting I didn’t know what to expect. At one point I thought she was into me while the next I thought that I didn’t have any chance of hooking up with her.

Image of hungry, but beautiful French woman dressed in shirt in a cage print wearing hat standing isolated over white background and eating burger

They are flirtatious and seductive. I feel like this is their way of showing their confidence and sexuality. French girls are confident, and you can see that through the way they interact with men. You probably won’t notice this at first, but after a couple of chats and maybe a couple of failed seductions, you’re going to understand their personality.

While German and Austrian girls don’t like compliments, French girls love them. French girls put a lot of effort into their style and look, and it shows when they strut their stuff. They like to be stylish and feel sexy in their skin and clothes so you should always start by complimenting their attire.

That is why maybe you should play her game from the beginning. Try to be mysterious and leave her wondering if you’re interested in her or not, even if you’re the one who approached her.

Although French girls like to play games, flirt and be seductive, it is not that hard to get her to your bed, even if you’re on your first date. In comparison to their ‘’sisters’’ from Italy or Spain, French girls are far more liberated.

If you plan on picking up a French girl at the bar, giving her a sign is the first thing you should do. French girl likes the attention so give it to her. That doesn't mean you should stare at her the whole time or approach her as soon as she looks back at you. French girls like the game of seduction, so it is only right to be subtle.

Do French girls use dating apps?

When I arrived in Paris I didn't know if Parisian girls are into online dating and apps, so I didn't have any expectations. However, after this trip, I can rightfully say that French girls are really into dating apps.

If you're looking for girls who are serious about foreign men, try the dating site International Cupid. It's a site that's marketed at international dating, which means the girls you match with will expect you to speak English.

Another good choice, as always, is Tinder. France had more matches on Tinder than in other European countries like Germany. I know it is a little bit odd to compare girls from the so-called ‘’cold nation’’ to girls from the city of love and romance, but I was really surprised.

Where to meet Parisian girls?

You can meet French girls for a hook up almost everywhere in the city, whether it’s some park, a bar, cafe or a restaurant. You need to play their own game of seduction. If she’s sitting with her friends and looks at you, give her time. She will probably get a way to get closer to you.

However, if you’re not the type of guy that likes to approach girls in a cafe, bar or a restaurant and need dimmer lights, more alcohol, and music, then Parisian nightclubs are your way to go.

Dating French Women

Paris has so many great clubs that you probably won’t have time to visit them all.

Here are some of the best nightclubs in Paris 

Rex Club

Rex club is one of the oldest clubs in Paris that is still popular. Opened almost 30 years ago, it was one of the first places where you could listen to techno, house and electronic music in Paris.

Their programming didn't change that much. If you're into techno, house and electronica parties that last until early in the morning, this is the right place for you.

The club is also really popular among foreigners and tourists so if you didn't have any luck with French girls, this a great place to hook up with international girls.

There is no dress code while the ticket price varies from 12 to 20 euros. There are also early bird tickets that are even cheaper, but you need to plan your trip much early and buy tickets even before you arrive in Paris.


If you're traveling to Paris in the summer, Garage is a great open-air place you need to visit.

Formerly known as Grand Rivage, the club is located on the quay that is facing the Seine river. It is one of the youngest clubs in this district that (re)opened in 2017 and looks like a big terrace on the edge of the river.

Ever since its reopening, it becomes more and more popular among both locals and foreigners, especially those that are into Berlin’s bohemian style. The music is usually electronic, and the ticket price is always only 5 euros.

There is one more important thing you should know about Garage if you plan on going there. Make sure you know the names of the performers of the night since this is how they select people who are going to get into the club at the entrance.


Yeah I know...the French are real creative with their club names...
Concrete is another club that has a big terrace that looks at the Seine river. It is just a few minutes away from the Gare de Lyon, one of the main Paris Metro stations, so you won't have a problem finding this place.

This beautiful place to enjoy sunset or sunrise in Paris usually plays techno and house tunes. Moreover, almost every week there is at least one popular international DJ on the decks.

The entrance is usually free before midnight and around 15 euros after. There is no dress code, but most people usually wear something casual and hippie. This is the place where music and sunrise are more important than style and looks.

All in all, this is a great place where you can kiss your newly found French girl underneath the Sun while enjoying the view of the Seine river.

La Java

La Java is another great place for a night out in Paris, especially if you like clubs that are more chill, relaxed and not too overcrowded. Hidden right beneath the shopping center in a basement, the club has quite a diverse programming, so the type of crowd depends on the type of music that is played that night.

The dance floor is in the center of the club while there are also sitting booths at the sides of it, so you can chill and make eye contact whenever you want. This is what I like about this club - you don’t have to dance if you don’t want to. You can relax on the side, sip a drink and get to know new people.


Although it is a small club that is located in the north-east of Paris, this former coach station is a concert hall, a nightclub and exhibition and art space at the same time. Moreover, there is also an outdoor beach that club opens during summer days in Paris. Most of the events are hosted at this beach during summer.

This outdoor, open-air part of the club also has the dancefloor and a sitting booth where you can chill with your friends or approach to some hot and sexy French girl. It is a cool and relaxed place, even though the music can sometimes be hardcore for somebody’s taste.

Glazar hosts parties that include different genres like dubstep, drum N bass, trance, etc. The entry is usually around 10 to 20 euros, depending on the event and there is no dress code.

Small Eiffel Tower at horizon in France with sprawling urban landscape in foreground


Dating in Paris is maybe different than in other European countries or America, but that doesn’t mean it is not possible to meet some French girl and take her to your bed after the first date. Quite the opposite, they are more liberated and sexual than their neighbors.

If you're looking for something more serious, the site I mentioned in the online dating section, International Cupid, is worth having a look at.

You need to be patient and play their game. That is the key to a successful hook up with a French girl.

Be confident but not too confident. Be subtle but not too subtle. Be a gentleman and try to be mysterious. They’ll be more interested in you, trust me on this one.

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