7 Useful Tips on How to Approach a Woman

By Rob Simpson

Nowadays, a spontaneous acquaintance with someone more and more resembles archaic. And yet, this is one of the most romantic situations that are remembered for a lifetime.  

Also, a live acquaintance has a number of other undeniable advantages. Firstly, you always see a real person, not his processed photo of 10 years ago. Secondly, you can use the maximum of your charm – webchat still does not convey all the nuances of live communication.  

So, how to cause interest in a girl at the first acquaintance? There are 7 useful tips you should use to approach a woman. 

Show confidence and openness 

Body language can work for your benefit when making the acquaintance with someone in real life. Therefore, do not forget about open postures, ingenuous smile, and steady (but not excessive) eye contact. This is already half the battle as these signals will make a good impression on a woman you like. 

Offer help 

As a rule, a courteous stranger who offers help to a girl (bringing a huge suitcase or explaining the way) makes her well disposed towards him. But do not confuse courtesy with obtrusiveness. In most cases, “no” still means “no”, and excessive perseverance will not add you points. 

Give a compliment 

A win-win situation is when the compliment is devoid of platitudes but not delicateness. Forget about threadbare cliches like oceans of eyes and waterfalls of hair. At the same time, do not overdo it with originality: information that a girl has the world’s best fingers thickness or perfect teeth curvature is clearly redundant while approaching a woman. Use Snapchat dating if you want to learn what compliments women like the most. 

If you are not sure of your declamatory skills, just approach a girl and confess that she has taken your fancy. Sincerity is better than any depleted approaches. 

Use the setting 

If you like a girl at a concert or exhibition, then most likely your tastes and preferences match the tastes of a charming stranger. Therefore, it will be easier to find a topic for conversation. Also, you can use this piece of advice in the most ordinary places: in a shop, cafe, or gym. Even in the public utility office! Why not? 

Use the setting as a reason to start a conversation. For example, ask which product or dish is better to choose, noting that a girl looks like a person you can trust. Discuss the nuances of training or the life of your city. In general, use all the available resources of everyday life to the maximum. 

Use any available information about a woman 

You are traveling by the underground and see a girl reading Stephen King? Or maybe she is dressed in a shirt with the image of Darth Vader? That’s the topic for the first conversation. But do not forget about tactfulness. It is obvious that you should not watch and comment on what the girl does on her phone even if she does not close the screen with her hand. It touches upon the invasion of privacy.  

Radiate Safety 

An acquaintance in real life is almost always a surprise. And all the sudden and unknown things touch upon danger. Therefore, be extremely tactful and polite and never intrude into the privacy of a girl you like. Otherwise, your impulse of feelings will simply frighten her and make her run away at the top speed. 

Don’t Rush

Despite the fact that the ultimate formal purpose of the first acquaintance is to exchange phone numbers, the real purpose of the acquaintance is to make a good impression on a girl and create a feeling of trust. If you immediately grab the girl’s phone number and go home, it is unlikely that she will answer your call. After all, you are just a stranger, whom she foolishly gave her number. Your task is to become “her friend,” “new acquaintance,” or “cool dude,” and not to remain in her memory as a man of the street. 

After entering into a conversation, try to prolong the communication with a girl as much as possible. Take her home, walk a certain distance together with her, or just stand and talk for a while. If she does not understand who you are (an adequate, self-confident, and cheerful guy), most likely, your acquaintance will not develop. 

If a girl starts to doubt whether to give you her phone number or not, get your phone out of the pocket and say: “Dictate the number, I write it down”. Do not forget to make a control call on the girl’s phone while she is next to you, because these beautiful creatures sometimes give fake phone numbers. 

The most important thing in approaching a girl is to be self-confident and make no bones about communication with the opposite sex. Be yourself and approach a girl you like! 

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