How to cancel a date politely

By Rob Simpson

Canceling a date isn`t exactly a very pleasant thing to do. Many people start worrying when they have to inform another person that plans have changed and you won`t meet as you have planned before. Although, it`s necessary. So how to cancel a date politely not to offend another person?

cancel date politely

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First of all, you have to understand that you aren`t a bad person just because you want to cancel a date. It`s way better than sitting in a restaurant with an unpleasant person and wasting your time. No one will be contented with such evening so what you have to do is to inform a person that the date is canceled. As an example, you can say that you have to stay late at work because your boss gave you a lot to do. Or you have to help your friend who is moving. One of the good excuses to cancel the date is also telling that you don`t feel good: you have a headache, you caught a cold or you have a toothache.

The one important thing you have to remember is that you must cancel a date in advance. Obviously, you are worried and embarrassed but it`s better to inform the person as soon as possible so that he\she can change the plans. Imagine waiting for the person in the restaurant and getting a message that the date is canceled. It isn`t pleasant, is it? So try to do everything possible to cancel the date at least in a few days.

If you look for some ideas about how to cancel a date last minute, you can text this person. This way it won`t be very embarrassing and you still you will let the person know that you can`t come. How to cancel the date via text? As an option, you can say that unfortunately, your plans suddenly changed and you have to go to another part of the city to look after a relative and you are really sorry about today`s evening. If you want to meet the person another day, mention this in the message and say that you hope there`s a possibility to meet next time.

Another thing is that you really don`t want to meet this person. In this case, the best option is to tell the truth. It may be not very pleasant but this way you won`t waste another person`s time. Tell the person that you don`t think there`s can be something between you because you are different people. Don`t forget to say that he\she is a very good person with a great sense of humor, for example, but you just don`t suit each other. Wish this person all the best and say that it was nice to meet him\her.

There are many ways how to politely cancel a date, the most important is not to forget about another person`s feelings and your good manners. It`s better to inform the person in advance and don`t drag the heels. This way you can save time for both of you.


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