How to tell if a girl likes you: 16 signs she’s into you

When dating, men are almost always expected to make the first move.

In most instances, the men are expected to start the conversation, impress the girl, and eventually ask the girl out. This might not always be the case. However, it is very rare that the girl makes the first move.
The process of asking a girl out can cause a ton of anxiety with men, and that is most likely due to fear of rejection. Fear of rejection is the biggest and most common reason why guys are afraid to approach girls they really like.  Would you be more inclined to approach a girl you’re interested in if you were almost certain she would say yes?  The answer is: Of course!

The whole process makes you much less anxious once you get rid of your fear of rejection.  The truth is, as soon as you get over your fear of rejection, the entire thing becomes much less nerve-wracking and much more fun, and you’ll have way less trouble finding topics of conversation.

A great way to get over your fear of rejection is to make sure that the girl you’re about to approach is also interested in you, this is easier said than done, however, since girls won’t always be upfront with their feelings.

 As we mentioned before, in almost all cases, the guys are expected to make the first move, and it is very unlikely for a girl to approach you first. Every once in a while, a girl might approach you, flirt with you in her corny way, or ask you to go to some event with her, but you still might end up unsure on whether she was just friendly, or if she’s really into you. 

It’s always a good sign if the girl’s demeanor around you is friendly and relaxed, but that makes it especially hard to tell if a girl likes you as a friend, or sees you as something more.

Have no fear as there are many ways to know if a girl is definitely into you. It’s needless to say that every girl is different. However, there are some common behaviors with most girls that can tell you if a girl is interested in you, as more than friends.

If you notice multiple instances of these behaviors when you’re spending time with the girl you like, the odds are that she likes you just as much as you like her. Now is the time to make your move and ask the girl out on a date, chances are, she’ll most likely say yes!

Some of these signals and behaviors are based on science, and almost all of them are entirely subconscious, and in fact, most girls are unaware of these subconscious signals that they’re sending. Some of these signals are, however, entirely conscious behaviors and are often direct attempts by girls to get you to notice them.

 The dating process can be an extremely stressful and confusing process, so we’ve compiled a list of some of these signals in behaviors to help you figure out if a girl likes you or not.

1. She Smiles At You

she smiles at you

You probably already know this but, just because a girl smiles that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s into you, everyone smiles, but if you notice that the girl you like smiles at you every time she meets your gaze, then that’s a sign that she really does like you.

Women smile when they’re relaxed, or if they wish to seem approachable. When a girl smiles at you, it’s because she knows that a smile is a great way to get your attention. 

A smile here and there doesn’t necessarily mean anything, but if every time your eyes meet, she greets you with a smile, then she probably wants you to approach her and start up a conversation.

Odds are your eyes wouldn’t meet as often if she was not interested in you, let alone a smile every time she looked at you.

2. You’re the first person she looks for in a room

This only applies to schoolmates, colleagues or people you regularly attend events with.

When she enters a room, pay close attention because you can definitely notice if she’s looking for you in a room. If a girl is interested in you, you’ll be the first person she looks for in a room she might think you’re in. Her eyes will wander around the room, and when she finally notices you, she might act in one of two ways. She might meet your gaze, smile and become entirely approachable, or she might avert her gaze acting as though she wasn’t looking for you. In any case, if a girl is interested in you, she’ll act differently with you around.

These changes in behavior differ from girl to girl; some girls might be more conscious of the way they look or generally check and adjust on their appearance more often, while others get more anxious or nervous. In any case, if you notice that a girl you’re interested in is looking for you whenever she enters a room, chances are she’s interested in you.

3. She Shows Approachable Body Language


This is a crucial one. You have to be able to read body language if you want to make sure whether a girl likes you or not. If a girl isn’t interested in you, whether consciously or subconsciously, she will try her best to seem unapproachable. Whether she’s avoiding your gaze, staying on the phone the whole time or simply turning away from you, these are the body language signs that women use to let you know that they’re not interested. On the other hand, however, there are many signs women use to seem approachable.

If she turns to you instead of away from you, brushes her hair out of her face or is seemingly more relaxed in your presence, then these are most likely signals that she’s comfortable around you.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s interested in you, it does show however that she wouldn’t mind having a conversation with you, and from there on out it’s up to you to look signals that may indicate that she’s interested in you.

4. She Is Always "Preening" When You're About 

When in the presence of someone they find attractive, women will often adjust their hair, straighten their posture, or simply positioning their bodies in such way that they get attention from the person they’re attracted to.

This is referred to as preening, and it comes natural to every species, and humans are no exception. As with other signals, preening can happen both consciously or subconsciously, in any case, if you’re in a situation where you’re alone with the girl you like, and you notice that she is preening, it’s more than likely that she wants to get your attention.

5. She Laughs When You Speak To Her

When women are comfortable, relaxed or they’re with a person they’re interested in, they’re more likely to laugh; it’s science.

If you find yourself in conversation with the girl you like and you notice that she laughs at your cheesy jokes, or laughs more when talking to you in general, then it’s fair to assume that she likes you.

6. She Glances At You Frequently

Woman In Love On Romantic Date

If you notice that she’s looking at you, even for a second, that usually means she’s interested in you.

If a girl likes you, naturally, she would want to know if you like her too, that’s why she’ll be looking your way more often. She might be trying to find out more about you, or she’s just curious if you look her way too.

Every girl reacts differently when caught looking, some smile and some try to play it off, but one thing is for sure, if she’s looking at you more often than not, she’s probably interested in you.

7. She Looks Away When Making Eye Contact 

You might notice her looking your way often, and as you look back at her, suddenly she darts her eyes away. This might be due to nervousness and anxiety; she might feel especially shy because she’s interested in you. If you catch her looking at you first, but she avoids prolonged eye contact, then the chances are that she likes you.

Make eye contact with her, see how she reacts, once you establish eye contact; if she doesn’t look away, she is likely to smile in your direction.

8. She Fidgets A Lot

This could mean that she's nervous about you, which in turn could mean that she’s interested in you.

Look for the little things she does when you’re talking to her.

She could be doing things, like fidgeting with her phone, or playing with her hair,  if she seems relaxed, yet somewhat fidgety around you, chances are she likes you.

9. She Touches You Frequently

touching frequently

If a girl is interested in you, she'll find ways to make physical contact.

This could be something as simple as brushing up against you in passing, or something more openly affectionate, like a hug.

Girls are usually very aware of their bodies, and the things they make contact with, so if she’s consistently making physical contact with you, it’s probably intentional, and it’s safe to assume that the girl likes you.

10. She Adds You On Social Media

If you’re particularly shy or nervous in real life, social media is an excellent way for you to get to know a girl. If the girl you like adds you on social media, she most likely wants to know more about you, if you’re single, what your interests are or what you’re like as a person.

If she likes your photos or statuses or generally interacts with you online, chances are she’s interested in you and wants to talk to you in real life.

11. She Blushes When You're Around

Here’s another scientifically proven signal. If a girl likes you she is likely to blush in your presence; blushing is a subconscious reaction that occurs when you feel emotions, such as joy and, physical attraction, among others.

If the girl you like is constantly blushed when she’s around you, then you can be sure that she likes you, blushing happens subconsciously, and it is not something she can control.

12. She Seems Jealous When You Speak To Other Women 

jealous girl

Women tend to get jealous, which is often a sign of attraction. If you notice her getting jealous when you’re talking to other girls, it probably means she likes you. She won’t straight up tell you that she’s jealous, but if she suddenly starts asking questions about a girl you’ve been talking to, it’s safe to say that she feels jealous. Jealousy in small doses can be cute, but at a certain point, that jealousy can turn into a huge red flag.

Differentiating between harmful jealousy and controlling behavior is very important.

13. She Talks To Her Friends About You

This tip won’t be too helpful to you if you’re not acquainted with her friends, however, if a girl is interested in you then she has definitely spoken to her friends about you, and if her friends are a part of your social circle, you’re bound to hear something about it sooner or later.

Unfortunately her friends are more likely to gossip about the negative things they’ve heard about you rather than the positive ones, but in any case the fact that she’s talking about you to her friends means that you are, in some way, important to her, and it may be because she’s interested in you.

14. She Hints That She's Single

This is an important one, and one of the best ways to tell if a girl is interested in you.

If she keeps dropping hints that she’s single, she probably wants you to ask her out. The reason she’s divulging you this information is that she wants you to know that she’s available and looking for a date.

She won’t outright tell you that she’s single and wants to date, but if she talks about exes, past relationships and constantly drops hints that she’s single during your conversations, it’s because she’s interested in going out with you.

15. She Instantly Texts Back

It’s safe to assume that in this day and age most people have their phone on them at almost any given time, so if you text a girl and she rarely replies, there’s probably nothing going on. On the other hand, if a girl instantly texts you back, and tries to keep the conversation going, there’s definitely something there.

If she likes you, she’ll try her best not to let the conversation die down, which means she won’t respond with cold 1-word answers. She might ask questions to try and find out more about you, or she might want to tell you more about herself.

Just because she doesn’t instantly reply it doesn’t necessarily mean she’s not interested in you, but the difference in conversations between people who are and aren’t interested in you is easily noticeable.

16. She Does These Things More Than Just Once

This is a very important thing to keep in mind.

It would be childish to assume that if a girl does some of these things in passing once or twice, that she’s automatically into you. Some of the things on this list, smiling, eye contact, laughing, could all be signs of politeness.

The most important part is how frequently she does these things, and make sure it’s more than just one of these things.

There is one way to know for certain if a girl wants to go out with you, by working up the courage and asking her out on a date!

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