How to Conquer Hungarian Girls 

While I was searching for my next travel destination, I’ve noticed that there are many Eastern and Central European cities that I haven’t visited. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, was one of those cities and after hearing so many recommendations, it didn’t take long to make my decision and buy a ticket.

Budapest, often called as ‘’the Paris of East Europe’’, is becoming more and more popular among tourists and all for good reasons - breathtaking architecture, great nightlife, friendly locals and low prices. Add beautiful Hungarian girls to the mix, and you sure have one of the best tourist destinations in the whole of Europe.

I wasn’t sure if ‘’the Paris of the East’’ only referred to the architecture or Hungarian girls too. French girls like to play a game of seduction as a way of showing their confidence and sexuality. However, Hungarian girls are much different, and the only similarity between these two nations is how beautiful these girls are.

Budapest (and Hungary, in general) is still transitioning from their Communist past to a modern, Westernised lifestyle. Similar to Polish girls, I’ve noticed that Hungarian girls still have the Eastern European traditional values.

However, the recent surge of Western tourists made a big influence on their lifestyle, and this bridge between two different cultures is what made me fall in love in Budapest even more. If you want to find out more about my experience of Budapest and their girls and learn a few tricks that will help you hook up with them, then you've come to the right place,

In this guide, we are going to look at:

  1. What the girls from Hungary look like
  2. How they behave, and more importantly, how you should behave around them
  3. Common mistakes men make
  4. The best places to meet girls in Budapest
  5. Online Dating in Hungary

Let's jump right into the guide!

What do Hungarian Girls Look Like?

Portrait of a beautiful young woman holding cocktail in swim pool outdoors

When it comes to looks, Hungarian girls are very diverse. In Budapest, you’re going to see everything from blonde to brunette, tall, thin, bootilicious, light-skinned to dark-skinned Hungarian girls. Same goes with the height, Hungarian girls are some of the most diverse looking on the planet. Moreover, they are often mixed racially so don’t be surprised if you meet a Hungarian girl that reminds you of a Greek girl or Latina.

In the past, Hungary was part of the Austrian-Hungarian empire which was a big force and controlled almost every neighboring country. Moreover, during this period, many other nations have also crossed paths with them, leading to cultural interbreeding.

Today, the outcome of this mix can be seen not only in Hungarian culture, architecture, and lifestyle but diverse and beautiful Hungarian girls too. It’s like they’ve obtained only the best facial features from other nations. Hungarian girls are some of the most beautiful European girls, and the recent surge of Western tourism in this country won’t make this a long kept European secret anymore.

Although the diversity of Budapest girls is what will probably attract many single men, you’re usually going to meet beautiful, tanned, brown-haired, brown-eyed women. The blondes are some of the hottest girls that I've met in this part of Europe, partly because they're also quite tanned and brown, a rare trait for blonds. However, these girls know they are A grade, I think you probably need to meet them through friends with some social circle influence, so it is best not to have high hopes for them.

What are Hungarian Women like?

Feminism is not that present in Budapest and Hungary, in general. However, that doesn't mean that Hungarian girls are easy. They are somewhere in between - not prude but not too easy.

hungarian girls shopping

Most Hungarian girls are well educated and speak English, so language is not going to be a problem when you approach a Hungarian girl. They do have mixed feelings about people from Western countries so don’t start your conversation with ‘’Do you speak English?’’ or ‘’I’m from USA or UK’’. Simple ‘’Hi’’ or ‘’Hello’’ will be better.

Hungarian girls are not only well educated but also open and friendly. Hungary is not as developed as other European countries, so they like to meet people from other countries and learn more about their culture and lifestyle.

They like hearing stories about your experiences, the places you've visited, about your country, etc. This is a great way to start a conversation with a Hungarian girl that caught your eye.

One topic that you should avoid is politics - not just the politics of their country but politics in general. The support of the current government and their politics is at an all-time high, even though there are a high corruption rate and propaganda.

Hungarian girls are more feminine than their neighbors from Austria for example. They are more similar to girls from Serbia and Croatia. They take care of themselves and always try to look their best. That is why they like when someone compliments their looks.

Girls from Hungary are well educated and like to be successful. However, that doesn’t mean that they like to be independent. I’ve already mentioned that Hungary is not a very developed country so these girls like it when men pay for drinks and food, you can even buy them flowers on the first, date, or take her out somewhere nice. They won't punish you like an American girl would by thinking you are pathetic or just trying too hard.

Some Hungarian girls expect from you to do this a couple of times before she decides to hook up with you and have sex. Moreover, she will probably insinuate that you should take her to some nice place. Some people will label these type of girls as ‘’gold diggers,’’ but they’re not. They like for a man to be a gentleman and have good manners.

Things to Avoid When Approaching an Hungarian Girl

Displeased Woman on date sitting by the table in cafe near the sea with displeased man and talking at phone. First-person view

Hungarian girls know that they are beautiful and sexy and they don’t hide this. Being self-confident means that they also expect this from men too and like a man who takes the first step. This is one of the things that dates all the way back from their more traditional past and is probably not going to change soon.

If you like the girl, approach her and compliment her, they actually appreciate it. They will appreciate your compliments even when they’re not into you, so this is some risk-free advice.

If you’re not rude and have good manners, maybe she’ll give you another chance. Nice guys always have a chance with Hungarian girls (or at least that’s what I’ve noticed during my trip).

Many Hungarian girl names have some meaning. For example, if you meet Anelia you can start flirting with ‘’You are an angel’’ since Anelia means ‘’a form of angel’’ in Hungarian. Knowing the meaning of their names can help you with both your day and night game.

Online Dating is your friend

Same as girls from various other countries, Hungarian girls, especially those from Budapest, love to use dating apps.

As a foreign man visiting budapest, you can use the site International Cupid, it's a great site aimed at international dating and the girls on there usually expect you to speak English, which is a plus for foreigners. 

Another one you can use is, of course, Tinder.
You can get the paspport addon, which allows you to start matching with girls from other countries before you actually physically go there!

The best places to meet women in Budapest

Budapest is one of Europe’s hottest destinations, especially when it comes to nightlife. Similar to Belgrade, capital of Serbia, Budapest nightlife is famous for lots of clubs, bars, and cafes that play a wide variety of music genres and they are pretty cheap.

One of the downsides of Hungarian nightlife is that there is more than one particular area filled with clubs and bars and they are spread all around Budapest so get ready to spend some cash on taxi.

Ruin bars

Budapest is famous for it's so-called ruin bars. These ruin bars are some mix between a bar, cafe, restaurant and nightclub and are unique to Budapest and Hungary, in general.

Located in old derelict buildings from the war, these bars had become the trend a couple of years ago, and they’re getting even more popular.

Fogas Ház, which means ‘’House of Teeth’’ in English, is one of my favorite ruin bars that I’ve visited during my Budapest trip. Located in a building of the former dental laboratory, it hosts four different clubs - Fogaskert, Robot, Larm, and Instant. These clubs play different types of music, so you’re probably going to find the one that suits you most.

If you like rock music, you should go to Robot. If you’re more into electronic music, Larm will be a great choice for you. Instant is similar to Larm since they also play electronic music. If you want to experience a traditional ruin bar with unusual art, worn-out, old furniture, lots of Hungarian hipsters and cheap drinks, then Fogaskert is where you should go.

Szimpla Kert is the first ruin bar that was opened in Budapest so you should check it out and see the place that established the style of these bars and started this whole concept of ruin bars in Budapest. There is also an outdoor garden that is working during the summer. The bar also works during the day, so if you’re currently not in a mood for a night out or you’re tired from the previous night, you can grab a coffee and do a day game.

Budapest by night

Corvin Club

Corvin Club is another Budapest nightclub located in the old, abandoned store that was built during the communist era. One of the things that I’ve liked about Corvin Club is that they have a nice rooftop bar which hosts various events - parties, art exhibitions, live bands, etc.

The common and great way to summarize this club is ‘’Underground above the city’’ since they usually play electronic and techno music. They also have open-air cinema nights so if you’re more for a chill, relaxed night out and still want to have a chance meeting some nice, sexy and beautiful looking Hungarian girls; this place is a great option.

If you’re visiting Budapest from autumn until early summer you should know that most of the events are hosted inside, one level below the rooftop. During my trip, I’ve visited this club a couple of times, and there was not a single night that I haven’t met some Hungarian girls. You should put it on your ‘’go to’’ list.


The concept of having both a hostel and a ruin bar at the same place has intrigued me. That is why I went to this place as soon as I’ve found out that you don’t have to stay in their hostel to attend the parties. There is a large garden that is surrounded by a hostel which has a bar that works 24/7.

This place is a non-stop party. Moreover, the staff will also take you to some of the best night clubs and ruin bars in the city which is great if you’re staying all by yourself and need a company. I would probably stay at this place if I was on vacation and not a business trip.

Hello Baby Bar

Hello Baby is a great nightclub in Budapest that took my breath away with its beautiful architecture and decor. Located in the 19th-century palace, the club has some floors and a main stage that is illuminated by lights and various artworks projected on the walls. Moreover, there are huge floating bubbles above you in the courtyard that add to an already great atmosphere.

The main stage is usually reserved for electronic music. However, there are also smaller rooms and stages that play different types of music like soul, funk, dance, etc.

It is a really popular nightclub in Budapest, so usually, it is crowded. If you’re not into crowded places, maybe you should skip it. However, I do think that you should visit this place. Trust me; you won’t regret it.

Night view of Hungarian parliament in Budapest, Hungary on the riverbank of Danube river.

A few tips for Daygame

Although Hungarian nightlife is a great way to hook up with Hungarian girls, there are also so many places that you can visit during the day and meet single Hungarian girls. There are so many parks in Budapest that are filled with locals in the summer like The City Park, Margaret Island or Népiglet. Tourist locations are crowded and not suitable as you will start off by seeming like another lost soul,  so avoid those.

Remember, when you visit Budapest you are visiting one of the most beautiful and architecturally stunning cities in Europe, you will be walking around a lot during the day, and this is the perfect opportunity for daygame. Try do to at least 3 approaches everyday, this worked for me 🙂

In Conclusion

Budapest is often called ‘’the Paris of the East’’ but not because of people’s personality but because of its architecture and culture. Unlike French girls, Hungarian girls don’t play the game of seduction. They are more open and friendly, and they appreciate honesty.

The Hungarian girls are not only beautiful and sexy but open-minded and friendly too. You usually won’t have an awkward situation where you want to approach some girl in a club, but their girlfriends won’t allow her to chat with you.

Coldness is something that you won’t experience when talking to Hungarian girls. This is something that you can expect from German girls.

As I mentioned before, you should try the site International Cupid, it's less of a hookup site and more of a dating site.

All in all, I’ve had a great experience in Budapest. I was pleased not only with their girls but their culture and architecture too. Now I understand why the number of tourists in Budapest rises every year.

I hope that you’ve learned something from my experience so you will be on your A game with Hungarian girls when you arrive.

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Dora January 24, 2019


Well, I am a girl from Hungary and I can agree about half of them. Nice article all in all.:D

I made a short one about how to (not) behave in Hungarian bars. It is also useful if you know it! 🙂 –> Check it out!

    Rob Simpson February 28, 2019

    Hi Dora,
    Thanks for stopping by. And I am glad a got more right than wrong in the guide.

XJJ May 21, 2019

“For example, if you meet Anelia you can start flirting with ‘’You are an angel’’ since Anelia means ‘’a form of angel’’ in Hungarian.” Such a rare name, never heard it before. And it definitely doesn’t mean angel in Hungarian. “Angyal” – that’s angel in Hungarian. Though we do have such a name: Angyalka (-ka is a diminutive) or Angelika. Both are rare, but not as rare as the mentioned Anelia.

“Fogas Ház, which means ‘’House of Teeth’’ in English…” I don’t know the origin of their name, but “fogas” has many meanings in Hungarian. “Toothed”, “hanger” (for coats), and also the name of the fish “zander” (Sander lucioperca).

“Hungary is not as developed as other European countries…” You are mentioning this “developed” stuff twice in your article, it is kinda condescending and disdainful. Please learn a bit about the history of Hungary and maybe then you won’t use such words. I don’t think that western countries are more ‘developed’ than Hungary just because those girls doesn’t like courtesy (yes, buying a flower etc. is a courtesy, showing that you care). And talking about culture, if you know Hungary, you know that Hungary is culturally rich. You may argue that more money flows into western countries, but that’s again because of historical reasons.

“One topic that you should avoid is politics” – True for every country, politics and religion are always touchy subjects you can easily get into a disagreement, something you should avoid when dating. Btw, the current government really has a lot of supporters, but many of them are from the older population.

Sorry for the criticism, didn’t mean any harm, just wanted to correct your otherwise nice article!

    Rob Simpson June 2, 2019

    Thanks for the comments. I’ve only visited Budapest and Komarom during my stay, and with regards to architecture, Hungary is definitely developed. However, financially, and when it comes to general prosperity, I’d say Western Europe, and Scandinavia are way ahead.

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