Women from Iceland Demystified -Europe’s Top Destination For a One Night Stand

Girls from Iceland are a totally different breed from what you’re accustomed to. You’ll have a casual one night stand easily, but cracking the relationship is something else.

In the past, Iceland was not so popular tourist destination. It was a relatively unknown country, usually visited by travelers who were looking for an adventure.

These days, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations and there are various reasons for that. Widely known as ‘’The Land of Fire and Ice’’, Iceland is the land of largest glaciers in Europe as well as the most active volcanoes.

Iceland is not only a land of breathtaking landscapes and nature but beautiful girls too. I’m sure that these tall, blue-eyed blondes will make your heart skip a beat. There is a good reason why Iceland is one of the nations with most supermodels who won Miss World.

A little bit more voluptious than your typical miss World, but I am not complaining

However, Iceland is also known as a home for strong, independent women that are sexually liberated. At least, that’s how the media portrays them.

Are these stories about Icelandic girls true? Are they really easy to get laid?

I’ve had a chance to visit Iceland and meet their girls. If you want to hear my story, please read on.   

Debunking the myths

There are so many stories and rumors about Iceland, their girls and their dating culture that I think they should be addressed before going into details about dating an Icelandic woman.  

#1. No, nobody will pay you to marry an Icelandic girl

It all started in 2016 when a rumor about Iceland paying foreigners to marry an Icelandic girl started swirling around the Internet. At one point, the story got so widespread that the Icelandic government had to make an official statement denying this rumor.

Even though this story is false, I still had the need to bury this rumor once and for all since there are the people who still believe in this.

Sorry guys, making money for marrying Icelandic girls is not one of the perks of being with them.  

#2. Sex first, Date second - The truth about the dating culture in Iceland 

Once you’ve landed in Iceland, you can forget about all those dating games that you’ve learned from your experiences with girls. Why? You probably don’t need them or they won’t be useful.

Iceland has a dating culture that is different and a little bit weird. Honestly, I’m not so sure if you can even call it like that, especially if you’re coming from a Western country or America.

It’s more like a reversed, backward dating that starts with sex and ends with a date or nothing. At first, I was a little bit confused so you probably are too.

Dating is something that is usually not associated with Icelandic girls and Icelanders in general. Iceland is a sexually liberated and open country where casual sex is a common thing. They think that you shouldn’t be ashamed of having one night stands, whether you’re a guy or a girl.

The prelude to this type of dating culture dates all the way back to 1700s when the King of Denmark allowed every Icelandic women to give birth to up to six children, regardless of their marital status. They’ve done this in order to increase the population of their country after it was significantly decreased because of the smallpox outbreak.

Icelanders didn’t see this as something that is disgraceful. It was something that they’ve done in the name of patriotism.

Another probable reason is feminism, which I’m going to talk about later. For now, you should only know that gender equality is present among Icelanders and that women think that they shouldn't hide their sexuality and the need for sex.

Most Icelandic girls will tell you something like:

If men don’t hide their sexuality and the need for sex, why should we?


Men are not the only ones who are horny and want sex, women are too.

The present-day consequence (if you can even call it like that) is that casual dating is not a usual thing among young Icelanders and most of them have sex before going out on a date.

sexy girl from Iceland

This is good news for foreigners who are into one night stands. Actually, being a foreigner can be your advantage. They’re maybe sexually liberated but privacy and avoidance of slut-shaming is always a good thing, even in Iceland.

Iceland is a really small country with cities so small that most people know each other. Sometimes they like to keep things private, even though they’re into hook-ups and talk about sex openly.

However, not every single Icelander experiences sexuality in this way. Moreover, it doesn’t mean that dating and marriage don’t exist in Iceland.

Icelanders do date, fall in love and, eventually, get married but it’s not that common. Their emotions come after sex. Also, it’s not unusual to be in a relationship and have children while not thinking about marriage at all.  

In the last couple of years, the Icelandic dating culture started to change. There are more people who are dating before sex but they’re still a minority.

Why is dating before a hook-up a rarity among younger Icelanders? Most of them will tell you that they don’t like the pressure of having an official, first date. Even if they do, they usually prefer activities like taking a stroll around town or grabbing a coffee than having a dinner or drinks.

3 more things you should know before dating an Icelandic girl

beautiful young blonde hair  Icelandic woman hipster in the city

#1. Icelandic women are all about equality

Gender equality is something that is present in Iceland for quite some time.

It all started with a strike in October of 1975 when more than a fifth of Iceland’s population came out and marched for female rights.

Today, Iceland is way ahead of other countries in terms of gender equality and feminism. They’re so ahead that it is even named as the best country for working women.

Women have a huge role in their society and they’re important for country’s existence as well as prosperity. They are raised to be strong, independent women who have the right to do what it’s best for them and their society.

#2. Be assertive

Foreigners may feel that Icelandic girls are maybe too confident but this is only partially true. Just because they’re confident and don’t have a problem to take the lead doesn’t mean that you can’t do the same. All you need is to be confident and self-assured without being too aggressive, and you’ll impress her in no time.

Icelandic girls are more about confidence and behavior than looks.

#3. Icelandic girls know how to have fun

Icelandic girls and Icelanders in general definitely know how to have fun. If you like to go out and drink, you’ll feel right at home with all those young Icelanders.

The bars and clubs in Iceland are filled with friendly Icelanders and positive atmosphere. You’ll never get bored when you’re with a girl from Iceland. They like to dance, get drunk and have fun. There is more than enough fun, especially for a country so small like Iceland.

Also, don't be surprised if a girl buys you a drink. This is pretty common in Iceland.

Since they have a different dating culture than most European countries, you may assume that this is her way of saying she’s into you. Most of the times she’s just being friendly but that doesn’t mean that you can’t approach her and start flirting.

Do Icelandic women use dating apps and sites?

You would expect that there are not so many Icelandic girls who use dating apps and sites since they don’t date in a typical, Western way. However, you’ll be quite surprised by the number of girls who actually use them.

The dating site, International Cupid is one of best places to meet Icelandic Girls who are serious about going on dates with Foreign men, as the dating app is extremely well marketed in Scandinavia. All the girls I spoke to on the site were expecting you to speak English, and responded in kind, which is a plus!

Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in the world and Icelanders are also caught in this craze. Moreover, it’s not just used as a booty call for Icelandic girls. Believe it or not, they also use it as a place to meet new and interesting people for something more serious.

One thing that I really like about Tinder is their Passport add-on which allows you to chat with girls from Iceland even before you land there. This way you don’t have to spend your precious time in Iceland on chatting with girls and finding your date. I should note that this add-on isn’t free but it’s worth it.

Where to go out in Reykjavik?

Icelanders are heavy drinkers and like to go out so it’s expected that they have a great nightlife, especially in their capital Reykjavik. There are so many great places to go out in Reykjavik and these are some of my favorites.

#1: Kaldi Bar - A great bar that’s also a craft brewery

Kaldi bar is not just a bar, it’s also a craft brewery. They were actually the first microbrewery in Iceland. The bar offers various craft beers made with Icelandic natural spring water from mountains in the North. It’s a great small bar with a warm atmosphere and a variety of drinks that I’m sure you’re going to enjoy.

#2: Mikkeller & Friends - Small bar with circus-themed interior

Located in one of the oldest buildings in downtown Reykjavik, Mikkeller & Friends is a small bar with an interior which has a circus and theatrics theme made by a famous movie set designer. The bar offers more than 20 different beers made by some of the best local and international breweries.

#3: Skúli Craftbar - Craft beer lover’s paradise

If you’re a craft beer lover, this bar will be your paradise in Reykjavik. Named after the Reykjavik sheriff, Skúli Magnússon, the bar offers some of the best craft beers. Add dim lights and relaxed atmosphere and you sure have one of the best bars you should visit while you’re in Reykjavik.

#4: Bar Ananas - Great bar for dub and reggae music lovers

Guys who’re into dub and reggae music should definitely visit this place. Filled with Hawaiian and neon decor, the Bar Ananas offers some of the best tropical cocktails that will perfectly match their interior. This bar is something that shouldn't be missed on your night out in Reykjavik.

#5: Kaffibarinn - Coffee shop by day, a popular bar at night

Coffee shop by day, great bar at night. This is the easiest way to describe Kaffibarinn, one of the most popular nightspots in Reykjavik. The bar hosts a variety of well-known DJs which music goes perfectly with their local licorice liqueurs, Topas and Opal, and Icelandic vodka Reyka.


3d character textured with flag of Iceland isolated on white background

Similar to what I wrote about other Northern women, Icelandic girls are not only beautiful but strong and independent women who know what they want. Their dating culture and their attitude might turn you off at first but once you get to know them, you’ll have some of the best time in your life.

Like I mentioned in the Dating App section, I highly recommend checking out internationalcupid.com if you are looking to meet some Icelandic girls serious about meeting foreigners, but if you are just looking for fun, Tinder Passport may also be a good option.

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed my story about Icelandic girls and their dating culture. If you have any questions about dating in Iceland or need more helpful tips, feel free to comment down below.

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