How To Date Lithuanian Women – The Hands-on Guide To Baltic Beauties

By Rob Simpson

Interested in dating a Lithuanian girl? Want to find out what is like to date Lithuanian women? Read on to find out.

Having developed interest in the Baltic region, my boss sent me on a business trip to Lithuania & Latvia. I’ve had a possibility to live in the former country for a while and collaborate on expanding business.

During that time, I was blessed enough to encounter many gorgeous girls, meet them and lucky enough to have a relationship and a few one night stands. I can remember many fantastic days and nights, which I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

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What’s interesting is that I’ve met a woman called Love in Lithuania – she was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Tall, blue eyes, long blond hair, perfect body… Experienced some amazing events & sensations with her. She was absolutely gorgeous.

Even though the relationship didn’t happen with her, we ended up good friends, and she introduced me to several of her hot friends. After a while, I’ve made some connections and had the time of my life.

Love taught me a lot of stuff about Lithuanian women, and today I’m going to share some of the knowledge with you. These tips & info will make your stay in this country a much more pleasant & efficient.

From places to go & explore, to the ways on how to approach a Lithuanian girl, to the things to do and say to impress her, I’ll be covering everything today.

Little about Lithuania

For those who don’t know, the term Baltics commonly refers to three countries in northeastern Europe – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Part of the allure of this region for me was that it formerly belonged to the Soviet Union, and during that time not much information could be found about it. Now, decades since their liberation, these countries are open to visit so anyone can drop in and see what’s up.

The interesting part about this area is that it’s always been a pocket of nations that are similar to, but then again kind of different from the rest of Europe. They are surrounded by Slavic countries, but neither of them has Slavic roots.

Lithuania and Latvia do have a common ancestor, and their languages are somewhat similar, while Estonia is the awkward cousin of Finland separated from its bigger relative by a sea.

Now that you’ve acquired some new knowledge of history and geography of the Baltics let’s narrow down this ramble to Lithuania. (make sure to remember or note this to use it when breaking the ice).

The country is small but gorgeous, almost as gorgeous as its ladies. It has two major cities, Vilnius and Kaunas, which pretty much contain all that you’ll be interested in. I’d definitely recommend Vilnius for first-time visitors as its much more cosmopolitan and exciting.

Another potential place of interest is Palanga, a beach town known for its wild summer parties, and as you know, anything can happen at a beach party.

How do Lithuanian girls look like?

Okay, these girls are the definition of the word “feminine.”

You know those stunning Russian models you keep seeing everywhere these days? Well, mix in a bit of Scandinavia’s signature facial features into it, and you’ve got yourself a Lithuanian woman.

Flawless, fair skin, strikingly high cheekbones, and piercing blue eyes – there’s something about them that screams “Northern beauty” to me.

It was their healthy, hip-length locks that always took my breath away, though. I was blown away every single time!

I’m trying hard not to sound like a creep who has a thing for hair right now, as I didn’t get why everyone was raving about Lithuanian women and their locks at first, either – but damn, it’s a sight to behold.

Most – I’m talking something along the lines of 90 percent – Lithuanian women either look like these ethereal creatures that came straight out of a fairytale or like they just stepped off the catwalk.

And the fact that they were all so tall – and not afraid to casually sport a pair of high heels in the middle of the day – didn’t help my confusion, either. Love was easily 5’11’’ and had three-inch heels on at all times.

I felt like an intruder in a fashion show half of the time, just walking down the street!  

Anyway, if you’re not really tall, your self-esteem might take a hit with all these ladies hovering above you. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I don’t know if it’s their active, outdoors-based lifestyles or healthy diets, or both, but Lithuanian women have these thin, yet curvy bodies – and they know how to dress for their shape, too, which only adds to their stunning physique.

Now, when I say “curvy,” I don’t mean the body-positivity-activist type of curvy. I mean natural curves – a slim, yet curvaceous hourglass figure with a small waist, larger breasts, and a nicely shaped booty.

But rather than having that exaggerated Kim Kardashian look, the girls in Lithuania are more of a natural, fashion model type.

And I’m sorry, Western gals, but obese women are nearly impossible to find in Lithuania, so they win this round, as well. You can tell that they know how stunning they are, too.


They’re comfortable with flaunting their curves in tight-fitting dresses and revealing outfits, without making it look over-the-top or like they’re trying too hard.

I mean, it’s apparent that they won’t leave their home without being photo-shoot-ready, but they somehow manage to pull it off so casually.

I told you; they’re the definition of feminine.

Even if you don’t end up hooking up with one of these girls during your stay, the “sightseeing” alone will make your trip worthwhile.

Language Barrier

I don’t know if I tried talking to all the wrong people, or went to all the wrong places, but finding someone who speaks English well was flat out hard in the start.

I mean, sure, you’ll find girls that speak some English, but it’s often not enough to hold a conversation – or pull one of your go-to pick-up lines and expect them to work.

(Don’t even try throwing cheesy pick-up lines their way. It doesn’t go over well.)

So, with the apparent language barrier there, what are your options?

Well, you could take up Russian or Lithuanian, which, by the way, is near impossible to grasp… or you could rely on the good, old body language to work its magic.

After all, the lingering touches, eye contact, being close to each other, and, if she’s comfortable, even putting your hand around her waist are the secret ingredients that can turn a simple conversation into flirting – and much more than that, if you’re lucky.

It took me a while to figure it out, but Lithuanian people tend to rely on body language when flirting, anyway, so you’re in luck.

Note: Please don’t go around making girls uncomfortable by stepping into their personal space uninvited, though! Develop the habit of knowing when to take action.

What are Lithuanian girls personality-wise?

During my time with Love, and later some of her friends I learned several traits that seemed to reoccur in Lithuanian girls – they’re smart, confident, reserved (at first), and….desperate?

Yes, desperate for a “high-quality” male. Now hold your horses you dirty-minded rascals, by high-quality I mean a guy who is well-mannered, relatively good looking, not too cocky, and knows how to appreciate them.

Before I get myself into trouble, I don’t mean that Lithuanian guys are “low-quality” in any way, but there’s just not enough of them! The ratio of men to women in this country is tilted towards the women’s side so a relatively small number of men will produce an even smaller group of decent men.

And that’s where you jump in.

The numbers are on your side, that’s good news, so what kind of behavior is going to increase your chances of scoring?

First off, do not go around throwing cheesy pickup lines or attempting to play games – it WILL backfire, and I’m telling you from personal experience. This was my “tactic” when I first encountered Love.

I spewed out a sentence that was supposed to be funny and to tell you the truth, it worked because she laughed – not at the joke, but me. Thankfully, she is a fun-loving extrovert, so we continued our conversation, but if I tried to pull that off on some other Lithuanian, I’d get a blank stare and a cold, hard “GO AWAY”.

Remember, these girls are smart, and they can tell when you’re being fake or trying to act macho.

This also ties into the reservedness, which is all too common among women in this country. If you’re from the US or Canada, this might be hard to understand at first, but you’ll learn very quickly that not all cultures are as open and talkative.

Honestly speaking, this is probably the toughest challenge to overcome; however, it’s not impossible. What works best is just using simple words and plain language, so don’t try to be clever.

Be as natural as you can when approaching a girl, say that you’re from out of town, politely ask for a seat next to her and try to initiate a conversation. Don’t start throwing compliments at her too soon as that might come off as pushy, and you NEVER want to be pushy with these girls.

Just like in all other countries, a sophisticated sense of humor is almost a guaranteed ice-breaker but not everyone possesses it, so if you do and you’re sure of it, don’t hesitate to use it.

Brace yourself for my last tip, because this is going to be a cold shower – being a foreigner is not going to be an advantage for you in Lithuania. Unlike some other countries, women here don’t freak out over foreign guys so don’t try to play that card.

Of course, the fact that you’re from abroad might intrigue some girls, but it probably won’t get you very far, especially if you’re looking for a relationship.

As far as I’ve understood it, these ladies prefer their own men, meaning good Lithuanian guys, but since there’s a shortage of them, you can fill in this gap by emulating the qualities of an alpha Lithuanian.

So let’s do a recap:

  • These girls are smart – don’t try to be too witty or cocky with them
  • They are reserved – don’t be too pushy
  • A refined sense of humor is always a Yes

By following these simple tips, you’ll be the person that suits an average Lithuanian girl!

Impressing a Lithuanian girl 101

Okay, so you’ve found a beautiful Lithuanian girl which seems like a good catch.
What’s next?

Starting out with your Lithuanian goddess is often tough strictly depends on the situation. On cold initiation, making her interested in something more will depend on three factors:

  1. Your looks
  2. The impression you bring
  3. How eloquent you are

First and foremost, you need to look your best. If you’re rocking a voluminous beard or a somewhat laidback style with messy hair, don’t expect that your Lithuanian will be impressed.

The rule isn’t strict by any means, of course, but during my stay at the country, I’ve made much better first impression when my beard was trimmed down, and my grooming on point. I could connect this claim with the fact that among the locals, I saw many more messy, bearded grunts than smoothy, well-dressed guys.

So, get fancy.

Second, the impression. Even though I failed miserably at the first sight with Love, later I realized that the humorous approach works good, but you have to be very careful and accurate with the overall joke impression.

Lithuanians like a well-oriented, precise joke that hits the spot with the trends they follow, while not being weird or misunderstood. You can score big if you notice that she is a fan of a brand, music band, or a television series and use that to your advantage. For example, a well-placed Game Of Thrones could be quite on point if you realize that the girl is into it.

And third, be fluent & smooth-tongued. Don’t expect that if you’re coming from the West and know to crack a good joke, your Lithuanian lioness will automatically cuddle up and start to purr. After you’ve made her interested to hear more from you, you’ll have to demonstrate your “worth” by being eloquent, witty, and interesting.

You’ll showcase this by:

  • knowing how to talk about things she follows or mentions – by asking her meaningful questions
  • being well-informed about the current trends or something that interests her – which you’ll learn as the conversation goes on
  • showing the genuine interest of her country, culture, and history, with meaningful questions – this one is a no brainer, yet it works in 9 out of 10 cases

Preparing yourself on these aspects a bit will score you some major points later. Don’t be lazy, prepare so you can impress your Lithuanian.

To sum this section up:

1 – The way you look will determine if you’ll have any chance from the start.

2 – How interesting & witty you are will determine if you break the ice.

3 – How eloquent and mannered will determine if you will score.

Finding beautiful girls in Lithuania

Besides having a ton of amazing-looking girls, this country has surprised me in so many ways. First, you can meet a lovely girl almost anywhere – in the supermarket in the middle of the day, waiting in line somewhere, in a clothing store, in parks, streets, or at a casual coffee shop. They’re everywhere!

Even though Baltic weather isn’t really accommodating during the year, Lithuanians want to spend time being active outside, gathering and attending many events. From art, music, to theater, and partying – Lithuanians know how to live a quality life. I believe this is also connected with the fact I’ve rarely spotted an obese person.

Here’s an interesting fact:

After some time spent approaching girls at random during the day, I’ve learned to “filter” the Lithuanian girls based on a very interesting feature – the speed they move.

Many of the girls who stunned me by their looks stormed pass me without noticing anyone in their vicinity. I’m now going to save you a ton of time and effort.

If a Lithuanian girl is:

  • Moving really fast, not noticing anyone
  • Is glued to her smartphone
  • Has that zombie look with earbuds in, not noticing anyone

Just don’t bother; more often than not, these girls won’t be interested in any kind of communication. Often they’ll look amazing, but trust me, and don’t pursue them. That boat has sailed.

Second, the nightlife of the two biggest cities, Kaunas and Vilnius is fantastic – I never expected such a lively atmosphere & energy. Many clubs are working until very late, and there are many events you can attend to have a good time and maybe find your next girlfriend!

I’m going to mention several interesting places you’ll need to visit if you’re up for a night game:



  • Taboo – if you want to embark on a lively atmosphere and energetic crowd, but also a place where you can buy a cocktail for your Lithuanian girl, Pilies g. 12, Kaunas is the place to do it.
  • Bardakas – a great place with a very live vibe & amazing atmosphere. One of the popular brands in Lithuania, Bardakas has clubs in both Kaunas and Vilnius and represents a place where you can surely have a good time. Check this video out:

Dating apps – do Lithuanian women use them?

When talking about the app usage (and smartphone usage overall) Lithuanian girls can be sorted into two groups:

  1. Glued-to-the-phone-all-day types
  2. Don’t bother with these apps” types

The first group will seem almost obsessed with the online world. These girls usually have thousands and thousands of Instagram followers and are snapping a selfie almost any time possible. If she’s single, she might have a profile on popular dating networks and dozens of notifications from interested guys.

The second group is more laidback and doesn’t care about the latest trends in the online world. You’ll find this type of a girl hanging out with friends in bars or outdoor clubs with large decks, dancing, and enjoying life more. Love is that type of a girl; she has only a Facebook profile, with 156 friend requests unopened, and 999+ notifications to check. You get the picture.

Of course, this generalization is not 100% accurate.

The majority of single girls will have both active lives and profiles on social media, and dating apps activated. I’ve managed to get the attention of several girls on Tinder, but without any meaningful results.

On the other hand, since this is a small country, finding a true Lithuanian can be a bit longer process. The reason is that many girls in this region, especially on Tinder, are Ukrainian or Russian.

After a while, I discovered that Cupid is a thing here, with a bigger percentage of true Lithuanian beauties to browse from. Interestingly enough, my online efforts got me chatting with many more girls, but haven’t resulted in an actual date. I managed to have a lot of more success in person.

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Still, that doesn’t mean your outcome will be similar. Supplement your game with dating site profiles and apps, and spend some time perfecting your profile, you never know what might happen!

How To Date Lithuanian Women – My Conclusion

Finding a soulmate in Lithuania might seem daunting at first, and you’re bound to receive some harsh rejections.

Is it worthy?

Absolutely yes.

Everyone should experience dating a Lithuanian woman – they are beautiful, cheerful, energetic, and amazing lovers. If you have the chance to go there, go for it!

Being in Lithuania for a while and enjoying the nightlife, fine places to visit, and immersing myself in the culture was one of the most beautiful periods of my life. I’ve stayed connected with Love, and several of her friends are the hottest girls I have on my list of friends.

I’m sure you’ll have some amazing time in Lithuania – good luck!

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