A guy's guide to Polish Girls - A mix of eastern European looks with western values

When I’ve started travelling through Europe, I didn’t know that that are so many hidden gems filled with beautiful architecture, breathtaking landscapes, and attractive girls. Add the fact that most of these places won’t hit hard on your wallet like Paris or Amsterdam and you have a perfect travel destination.

How is it possible that a country like Poland is so underrated and well-kept secret when every city that I’ve visited during my trip was more beautiful and exciting than the other? Blame it on the communism and their rough past.

The history of many Eastern and Central Europan countries was rough. Bad politics, economics, wars, and religion are some of the main reasons why many tourists don’t care about these countries, even though they have a lot to offer.

Sure, many of them are still living in the past in some aspects but Poland is different. Out of all of these countries, I think that Poland is actually the one that has changed the most.

Their progress is happening so fast, that today people have never been more interested in visiting Poland.

If you’re still unsure about it, maybe their girls will change your mind. Younger generations won’t even consider visiting some country if their cities are not crowded with hot and beautiful girls and don’t have great nightlife.

Well, my boys, I’m happy to tell you that you can find all of this in Poland - the girls, great nightlife and so many great places to visit (if you want to take a break from flirting with all those hot women).  

This is a story about my experience with Polish girls. If you want to find out more about these Central European beauties with Slavic features and Western personality, please read on.

Are Polish girls attractive?

When it comes to facial features, Polish girls look more like their Eastern European and Slavic neighbours than their Western counterparts. Oval face, fuller lips, and light-to-medium skin complexion are common features among Polish girls.

The face is not the only thing that I’ve admired in Polish girls. Their bodies are the next thing that is going to make your jaw drop.

Their height is maybe just average but their legs are definitely not. Many Polish girls have long, slim legs, even though they’re not too tall.

Their great physique did not come all by itself, it’s a result of a hard work. Many girls from Poland tend to work out on a regular basis and eat clean in order to stay in great shape.

Polish girls really care about their appearance. Most of them have a good sense of style and tend to dress well. They like to be fashionable wherever they go, even for a simple groceries shopping.

Although they like to dress up and wear makeup, Polish girls do it more subtle than many Eastern girls. Everything is just right and not over-the-top.

Of course, there are exceptions but they are not that common as in other Eastern European countries,

Two things that set Polish women apart from their Slavic sisters are the colour of their eyes and hair. They are more versatile so you can see anything from brunettes with blue eyes to blondes with darker eyes.

This diversity comes from the geographical position of Poland. Being a Central European country means that Poland was always a crossroad between East and West so mixing with other ethnicities was inevitable. Thankfully, this mix of different genes did wonders and arose some of the most attractive girls in Europe.

Dating culture in Poland - The duality of East and West, tradition and modernism

Hapy couple is having date in the street of city

Even though Poland is closer to the Western culture now more than ever, there are still some traditional values that are cherished by Polish women.

The family has an important part in the life of a Polish girl, especially her mother. It is not uncommon to see a Polish girl who spends lots of quality time with her mother, even when she becomes an independent woman living on her own.

Polish girls don’t see their families annoying. They like to stay in touch with them and visit them whenever that’s possible.

Same goes when they’re in a serious relationship or married. They respect and support their man and put a lot of effort into their relationship.

Gender roles are still somewhat present in Poland, especially when a Polish girl is in love and has found the right guy. She is a feminine, sweet and caring woman who likes to be treated like a princess. Polish girls don’t mind when a man takes the lead.

Just like their Eastern European sisters, they’re into masculine men with manners.

Remember, if you treat a Polish girl right, she will treat you even better. It’s what their mothers and family values have thought them.

I’ve told you how Polish girls usually are when they’re married or in a serious relationship and in love. But how are they in between these relationships? They’re actually more like their Western counterparts. It’s like they’re living a double life.

The days when Polish girls didn’t even think about one night stands and hookups are gone. They are open-minded and know how to have fun.

The presence of both traditional and modern lifestyle is actually not bad, If you want to experience the best of both worlds, Polish girls are the ones for you. You can choose between more casual dating or a serious relationship. Which path you choose is up to you and your Polish girl.

Things you should know before going on a date with a Polish girl

  • She’s smart and well educated

Beauty is not the only thing that Polish girls have. They have brains too. Polish girls take education very seriously. In fact, women make more than 60% of students at their Universities.

Never underestimate the intelligence of a Polish girl. She will also use it to find out the intentions of a man she’s going out with. She will figure him out in no time.

Also, be prepared for a lot of questions on your first date. Polish girls know what they’re looking for and they want to find out if you’re the right guy for her as soon as possible, even though their dating process usually goes really slow.

If you want to make a better impression on her, you should not only address her looks but education too. We live in an age where physical appearance is the first thing we admire in people. It doesn’t have to be always like that, especially with Polish girls that are smart and well-educated.

Because of this, finding the right topic for your first date should not be a hard task. Having a more serious conversation than a usual chit-chat will impress her more than you admiring her appearance, even though Polish girls like this.

  • She’s easy-going

Polish girls don’t have a short temper so you probably not going to experience loud arguments with them. That doesn’t mean she won’t express her feelings - she will, but in a more subtle manner.

Sometimes they’re even going to wait for her men to figure out what’s wrong. Even if he doesn’t, she won’t make a scene out of it and will try to solve the problem through a normal conversation.

  • Nurture and hospitality is in her veins

Don’t be surprised if she’s willing to help you with something or cook you a dinner.

I’ve already told you that they really care about the people they love, whether it’s her family, friends or her significant other.

How’s a day game in Poland?

Most men are too focused on the night game, especially if they’re up for a quick hookup. From my experience, night game can be less successful than a day game for various reasons. Loud music, alcohol, fake atmosphere are some of the main things that come to mind first.

Don’t get me wrong, I like both day and night game. It’s just that sometimes a night game can be more exhausting since there are so many things you need to think about. However, you probably won’t even worry about the consequences after a few drinks in a club.

If there’s a good chance of finding the right girl during the day, why don’t you try it?

Bigger cities in Poland like Warsaw and Krakow are actually really good for a day game. Because they are bigger and more westernized, many Polish girls will be pleasantly surprised by being approached on the street or at a cafe. Moreover, the girls are more true to themselves during the day.  

Image of young Polish laughing woman and bearded man friends sitting in cafe and talking while drinking coffee.

You’ll be surprised how a day game can be successful in Krakow or Warsaw. Most girls are really friendly and open-minded so, she won’t freak out - even if she’s not interested.

There are girls that don’t appreciate this approach but this is more common in smaller cities. The worst thing that can happen to you is to be absolutely ignored. I know that this can hurt the ego of many men but if you don’t mind, try a day game in Poland - I highly recommend it.

There are so many places you can visit during the day that are filled with beautiful Polish girls like Zlote Tarasy Mall and Novy Swiat in Warwar or Florianksa and Grodzka Street in Krakow.

How’s the nightlife in Poland?

night view of krakow

During my stay in Poland, I’ve visited a couple of cities but the nightlife of Warsaw and Krakow are the ones that made the biggest impression on me. So, without further ado, I present you my list of best clubs and bars in Warsaw and Krakow.

Krakow has a unique nightlife with most of the clubs located in the cellars of houses that are a couple of centuries old. These places usually play house, techno, electronica and dance music but there are some venues that feature live music.

If you’re more into contemporary music, you should visit the Frantic Club in Krakow. It is usually really crowded and offers a wide variety of drinks and cocktails. There are two dancefloors where you can dance to a mix of pop, hip-hop, EDM, or house music. If you become thirsty from all that swirling on the dancefloor or flirting, you can refresh yourself at one of 4 bars that are spread across the club.

Warszawa Powisle is a bar in the capital of Poland that was built on the grounds of an ex-ticket office. It is the go-to place for young and hip communities with cheap drinks, lots of young hot Polish girls and great atmosphere.

If you’re a beer lover like me, you shouldn't miss visiting Piw Paw while you’re in Warsaw. They offer more than 100 varieties of local craft beer, as well as some other international beers. You’re probably asking yourself how to make a choice when there are so many options? Don’t worry, you can sample any beer before you make your decision.

Do Polish girls use dating apps and sites?

Remember how I told you that Polish girls like to have fun when they’re not in a relationship? Well, one of the ways they do it is by using dating apps and sites.

A good way to meet Polish girls as a foreign man is the dating site International Cupid. It's a site specifically designed for international dating, so you can expect the girls on the site to speak English, which is great for someone who's traveling there.

Polish girls also use Tinder as their dating app of choice. There are also some local sites like symptia.pl but I haven’t used them since I’ve already got used to Tinder and International Cupid.

Don’t have enough time for chatting with a Polish girl and want to set up a date before you arrive? If so, I recommend getting a Tinder Passport add-on. This way you can chat with Polish girls even before you arrive in Poland. It’s a paid add-on but it’s worth it, especially when you’re short of time.

Pro Tip: A good early talking point can be the meaning of the girl's name you matched with, see the meaning of various common Polish girl names here.


Portrait of a happy Polish girl sitting on the city stairs with laptop outdoors

Poland is a truly underrated gem of Europe. Every city that I’ve visited has made a better impression than the last one. Warsaw with its historic Old Town and Soviet architecture, Krakow with its great nightlife, Poznan with its street art and small townhouses.

Whatever city/cities you choose to visit in Poland, you’re going to be welcomed with beautiful, caring and hot Polish women that will attract you with their mix of traditional and modern lifestyle.

As far as dating Polish Girls goes, I recommend checking out International Cupid, you can expect the girls on there to speak English, which is one of the reasons why I like it so much.

I hope that with my story you’ve learned more about Polish girls and know what to expect when you meet them.

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If you are a foreigner, Polish girls will love you. They hate Polish men and have absurdly high expectations while meeting them.

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