Romanian Women - Eastern European Appeal with Latin Assets

When we think about Europe, we usually think about Western European countries like Germany, Austria, France etc. This is totally understandable since these countries have every qualification for being one of the best European travel destinations - lots of landmarks, different cultures, and lifestyles, interesting cuisine etc.

Moreover, these countries are aware of their qualities so even they promote themselves and strive to be the best go-to destinations in Europe.

But what about Eastern European countries? Eastern European countries like Romania, are often overlooked and less visited than their Western neighbors, even though they also have various qualities to make them a great tourist destination.

Truthfully, if it wasn’t for my job I would probably never visit Romania and its capital Bucharest. For whatever reason, Romania is not a hugely popular place for tourists. Maybe it's their bad economy or history.

However, during my trip, I’ve learned that it has a lot to offer to any visitor. Add beautiful Romanian girls to the mix and you sure have another great traveling destination that is still undiscovered by many.

Is there anything you should know about Romanian girls before you visit Romania? Sure there is. If you want to find out more about these beautiful women, their looks and personality, please read on.  

How do Romanian girls look?

Eastern European girls tend to put more time and effort into their appearance than their Western counterparts and Romanian girls are no different.

Romanian girls have a slightly tanned appearance, although not as dark as Spanish or Latin American girls. You will find some blondes, but this not nearly as many as in Ukrainian or Norwegian Girls.

Most Romanian girls wear a lot of makeup, leading you to think that they’re less pretty than girls from other European countries. However, that is not true.

Although Romania is an Eastern European country, Romanian girls look a little bit different than girls from this part of Europe. They have olive skin, darker hair, fuller lips as well as almond-shaped eyes. They are also more curvy than slim but they do take care of their body.

Beautiful girl in swimsuit. on the beach

Of course, not all of the Romanian girls are like this. They come in all shapes and sizes, like in any other country. There are blondes too but they are usually not natural.  

When it comes to their style, most Romanian girls like to wear clothes that are more revealing and edgy. Red lips are also a common feature among Romanian girls. This edgier look can be a turnoff for some guys but let’s be real, most guys like to see girls that are sexy and show their attributes.

They don’t do this because of their low self-esteem. Romanian girls just know how most men think and what attracts them. That is why she will spend more time and money on her hair, makeup, dresses and high heels than girls from Western countries like Germany or Austria.

How are Romanian girls personality wise?

There is one misconception about Romanian girls that I think we should discuss first and that is that they are gold diggers and more promiscuous than Western European girls. However, this is more of an exception than a rule.

Romania is a country that is still recovering from World War II and Communist days. They are less developed than the Western countries but in the last couple of years, they’ve seen a substantial financial growth thanks to the European Union.

However, because of their past and less developed economy, Romanian girls are often into men that are financially strong and have successful careers. That doesn’t mean that they are gold diggers. Not all of them, at least.

They like when guys treat them with gifts but they don’t have to be expensive gifts, especially at a beginning of your relationship. Western ladies might look at you weird when you bring them flowers on a date but Romanian girls will appreciate this gesture.

However, if she’s into more expensive gifts and has a weird behavior when you don’t get her presents, you’ve probably run into a girl with different intentions.

Young man giving piggyback ride to Romanian girlfriend by the ocean

Romanian girls are also open-minded and friendly and this is maybe another possible reason for the misconception that they’re more promiscuous. However, not every Romanian girl who is friendly and open-minded wants to have a sex with you.

Another interesting fact is their different behavior during the day and night. Romanian girls do like to put their resting bitch face at the club and act untouchable. This is just a game and with a little bit of your effort, she will become more open to flirting with you.

Although this is just their game, I do think that day game is much easier for foreigners in Romania.

When it comes to flirting, you will definitely never get bored of a Romanian girl. They have personality and topics that can entertain you for a lifetime. Not only do they always have something to say, they are also not afraid to express their feelings.

Sometimes they can be pretty temperamental and reach a boiling point in a matter of seconds. However, if you stay calm, she will get back to being normal quickly. This probably has to do with the fact that many Romanians have at least some of gypsy blood running through their veins.

Romanian girls are much more honest and predictable in comparison to Ukrainian and Russian girls so you won’t have many tests at the beginning of your relationship.  

Romanian girls take education seriously and strive to become independent. That is why they’re into foreigners. They always like to meet new people from other countries, get to know them and learn new facts.

They like to hear about different history, culture, and lifestyle so you’re never going to be without a topic when talking to her on your date. Don’t forget to ask and be interested in her country too. Show her that you’re not only here to get laid but learn something new.

I know that we live in a modern time when people like to travel in order to have fun and get laid but that shouldn’t be the only reason for your visit. There is always an interesting history, culture and lifestyle to be uncovered and getting to know the country through a girl is always a good way.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve forgotten about guys who are into hookups with local girls. Although Romanian girls are more traditional, it is not impossible to find a one night stand, especially in a club. Sure, you need to ‘’break’’ her bitchiness, but after that, it can be an easy ride.

I’ve already told you that Romanian girls are not afraid to express themselves so if she’s into you and wants to hook up, she will let you know. Just try not to be too physical and persuasive in the beginning, especially if she’s not giving you a sign.

It might be harder to find a hookup in a more traditional country but once you do, you’re going to remember this night your whole life. Romanian girls are passionate lovers and are not afraid to experiment in bed. Believe me, they are like wild cats in the bedroom.

Several ways to impress a Romanian girl

Although there are some basic rules when meeting and dating a new girl from any country, there are still some things that are different or more appreciated by girls in one country than the other.

Different history, culture, and lifestyle are the reasons why you should always try to change your game and way of flirting with girls. If you always use the same approach, there is a less chance to hook up or date with a local girl.

These are some things that I’ve learned during my trip to Romania and I think they will help you when dating a Romanian girl.

Several ways to impress a Romanian girl

Although there are some basic rules when meeting and dating a new girl from any country, there are still some things that are different or more appreciated by girls in one country than the other.

Different history, culture, and lifestyle are the reasons why you should always try to change your game and way of flirting with girls. If you always use the same approach, there is a less chance to hook up or date with a local girl.

These are some things that I’ve learned during my trip to Romania and I think they will help you when dating a Romanian girl.

Dress well and have manners

Some people will see these pieces of advice as basic but trust me, they’re not. Eastern Europeans have a different view on dating than Western people.

Most Romanian girls like to dress up and look stylish and feminine. That is why they also expect her men to dress and look good too, especially if they’re going out for a date.

Not sure how to dress for your next date? Feel free to ask her. She will not only give you an advice but also appreciate that you care about her opinion. This is another way to get to the Romanian girl’s heart.

Men with good manners are highly valued by Romanian girls. Small things like opening doors or moving chairs for her, holding her hand when she’s wearing high heels will make you even better man in her eyes.

Don’t forget to compliment her appearance. Romanian girls put a lot of effort into their looks so they expect you to compliment them. However, don’t do it too much. She’ll think that you are not honest and become suspicious of your intentions.

Couple in love. women in red dress. man in suit

Find out more about Romania and their language

Romania and other Eastern European countries are less known even though they have lots of great places to see, as well as interesting history, culture, and lifestyle. Getting to know more about it before you meet up with a Romanian girl can help you win her heart.

Did you know that there are more than 25 Romanian women who made history and made our lives better through various discoveries, politics, and writings? This can be a great topic of discussion with your Romanian girl.

Although most younger Romanians speak at least one more language, usually English, they like when somebody tries to learn some basic words in Romanian. This can really impress your date.

You can also ask your date to teach you some new words and vise versa. It will help both of you to get to know each other and immerse yourselves in your cultures.

However, I do like when Romanian girls speak English. Their English accent English sounds very cute and sexy.

Get to know her family and friends

The family is a really important part of the Romanian girl’s life. Although they are usually independent and might seem like they’re not that close to their family, they actually have a huge respect for them and their opinion.

If your relationship with a Romanian girl becomes more serious, she will probably introduce you to her family. Language can be a barrier between you and her family but there are other ways to show respect like never saying no to food, bringing small gifts etc.

Saying yes to food is really important!!! If you say no, her mother can become your biggest enemy in no time. When Romanian girl invites her boyfriend to her parents’ house, they put a lot of effort into cleaning the house and preparing the food.

Romanian girls are also very close to their friends and their opinion is as important as her parent's opinion. She will not only introduce you to her friends but will also like to meet your friends.

Girls from Romania think that the type of your friends and the way you behave in their company can tell her more about you and your personality. Moreover, this is also a great opportunity to show her your intentions and that you want to make her part of your life.

Do Romanian girls use dating apps and sites?

Young beautiful brunette Spanish girl making selfie using phone while sitting on the luxury yacht

If both your dame and a night game aren’t successful in Romania, online dating can be a decent alternative. Although Romania has their own dating sites and apps, I do think that you should stick with more popular apps. 

Dating site International Cupid is another great dating site. It's a dating site made for international dating, which is great since you can expect the girls on the site to speak English.

Tinder is one of the most popular dating applications in the world and many Romanian girls use it. The one thing that I really like about Tinder is their Passport add-on which allows you to chat with girls from Romania even before you’ve arrived in their country. This add-on is not free but it is definitely worth it.

Where to go out in Bucharest?

Cheerful friends enjoying party in nightclub

There are lots of great bars and clubs that you can visit in Bucharest during your stay. These are some of my top picks for best places to go out in Bucharest.

Control Club

Dubbed as the landmark of Bucharest’s nightlife, Control Club is a place for both chilled, more relaxed night out and heavy clubbing. Located in the city center, this place also has an outdoor terrace that is open in all seasons.

All in all, this is a place you should definitely visit while in Bucharest, especially if you’re into electronic music.

Player Club

If you’re visiting Bucharest in the summer, Player Club is a place to go. Known for great summer pool parties, this club is a top pick for many foreigners looking for a great nightlife in Bucharest.

The only downside is that it can be really crowded so make sure you reserve a table before you go there if you want to spend a great time with your friends.

Fix Me a Drink

If you’re more into chill and more alternative places, you should definitely visit Fix me a Drink. It is an ingredient-led cocktail bar that uses Eastern European herbs and other weird and interesting ingredients to make their cocktails.

They have a short menu that changes depending on what ingredients they currently have. I’m sure you’ve never tried something like this and I highly recommend this place.

P.S. A great tip to keep the conversation interesting is to learn the meaning of a few Romanian girl names, by doing this you can impress a group of friends by giving them a story about the meaning of their names, once you finish the introduction.


Romania is one of the Eastern European gems that is still undiscovered by many travelers and that is unfortunate. The girls are a perfect mix of Eastern European and Mediterranean looks. The food is great, there are lots of landmarks and places to visit.

I was really pleasantly surprised by this country and their girls.

Thankfully, in the last couple of years, the number of tourists has raised significantly and many people started talking about the beauty of Romanian girls.

As far as dating goes, the site I mentioned before, International Cupid, is a site I recommend checking out. The girls on there are more serious about dating foreign men.

If you want to date a Romanian beauty before they’re all taken, hurry up and visit this country. You won’t regret it.

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