The Secret to Success with Spanish Women

There is something about Mediterranean countries that makes me want to go back or even better, visit another Mediterranean country. Maybe it’s the weather, the beaches or the lifestyle of Mediterranean people that is somewhere in between the sultry south and colder north.

Whatever the reason, every time I leave a Mediterranean country I feel like I haven’t had the whole experience and want to go back. It’s like there is always something more that brings you back to these countries.

I’ve really had a lot of fun during my trip to Greece so I wasn’t expecting anything less from my next destination - Spain. Filled with breathtaking landscapes and beautiful beaches all around its coastline, Spain is also known for its rich cultural heritage, friendly people that are great hosts and a good food.

Is there something that is missing from this list? Beautiful Spanish girls, of course.

You need to have a separate story dedicated to these Mediterranean beauties. Spanish girls are often seen as one of the most attractive women in the world and there is a good reason for this.

But what is the personality of Spanish girls and how to impress them? That’s what you’re about to find out.

Today I’m going to talk about my experience with Spanish girls, their sultry Mediterranean looks and their personality. If you want to find out more and prepare yourself for your trip to Spain, please read on.

Several Things You Should Know Before Dating a Spanish Girl

Happy Spanish girl tourist is walking in the city street of Barcelon with spanish flag.

You will learn how to be patient 

I like to say that if you plan on dating a Spanish girl, you will become more patient than a Buddhist or a Monk. There are several reasons for this and it actually starts with your first date.

Spanish girls are usually late, a lot. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first meetup, she will be late and this is something you need to get used to if you plan on dating a Spanish girl.

Your path to becoming more patient continues through your relationship and because of her personality, but more on that later.

They are really close with their family and friends 

If you’ve read my article about Greece and Greek girls, you know that they have a huge respect for their friends and family. If her family and friends dislike you, you will have little to no chance of becoming a part of her family. 

It is a similar situation with Spanish girls. Even though we live in a modern time when relationships with family and friends are becoming looser, most Spaniards still see family as one of the most important things in their life.

If you’re dating a Spanish girl, expect everyone from her mother and father to aunts, uncles, and grandparents to visit you every once in a while. Getting close with her friends and family is a great way to steal your Spanish girl’s heart and impress her more.

Traditional culture is still present in Spain in some way

Spain is another country that had strict norms for women through the history. In the past, Spanish women had less freedom than men and they were expected to stay at home and take care of their children and their home.

This gender inequity was the result of a conservative Catholic church and later due to different regimes that were present in the country.

Today, things have changed a lot. Women are more educated and strive for professional success. They are more independent and know they need to put up a fight if they want to be as equal as men in every aspect of their life.

However, there are still some parts of this traditional, more patriarchal culture that can be seen in a life of s Spanish women such as the presence of gender roles while dating.

Gender roles are still present on the Spanish dating scene

Even though Spanish women fight for their independence and gender-equality, there are some aspects where they still like for a man to take the lead.

You know how Western women like to split the bills with a man and don’t like to be submissive in a relationship? Well, you can count this out if you’re seeing a Spanish girl.

Spanish girls like successful and wealthy men who will buy her presents and pay the bills. It doesn’t matter if you’re on your first, second or a fiftieth date. Get ready to take out your wallet and pay the bills. Oh, and don’t forget to buy her flowers or some other present every once in a while.

This is definitely an unusual mix of femininity and feminism but you will get used to it after a while.

What do Spanish Women look like?

Pretty young female tourist posing in Parc Guell in Barcelona, Spain.

Spanish girls are some of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever met in my life and I think that most people share the same opinion as me. There are not so many people who wouldn’t agree with this fact.

Spanish girls are often called as the stereotype of a Mediterranean women and with a good reason - light brown eyes, tanned (although not as dark as Mexican or South American girls you might be used to) silky hair and golden tan are all the best features of Mediterranean people.

If you like the Cruz sisters and their looks, you will be even happier to know that there are even more beautiful and hotter girls in Spain.  

There are also a lot of brunettes with brighter hair and not-so-dark skin that are as attractive as typical Mediterranean goddesses. Blondes are also present but they are a minority in comparison to the girls with Mediterranean looks.

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that they’re curvier and like their physique. While most Western girls strive to be slim and have size-zero figures, Spanish girls have more feminine, curvier bodies and they don’t mind it. They see this features as an advantage and they would never like to change this.

Just don’t expect lots of big Brazilian booties and breasts. Spanish girls have a smaller yet nicely shaped, peach-like booties.

You’re probably aware of the fact that not all of the girls are like this. Spanish girls come in all sizes and flavors, just like girls from every other country. Moreover, the type of girls you’re going to meet also depends on the region and cities you’re going to visit.

For example, Spanish girls with brighter hair and eyes are more present in big cities where lots of people from other countries have relocated and mixed with locals like Barcelona or Madrid.  

What are their personalities like?

Spanish girls (and Spaniards, in general) are very social and open to meeting new people. I have a feeling they’re so used to interacting with people that she won’t be scared or surprised if you approach her.

However, prepare yourself for a long talk and be a good listener. Spanish girls talk a lot and they like to be carefully listened to by her men. That doesn’t mean that she’s not interested in you or your stories. It’s just the way most Spanish girls are - they are extroverts who love to talk their ears off.

Being an extrovert has another positive side - they make meetups much more relaxed and fun. That is if you don’t mind people who are talkative. She will always find some original and funny conversation.

Moreover, keeping a girl talking most of the time will make you both more comfortable and make you more mysterious and interesting to her. Also, you won’t screw up your first date because of too much talking. Don’t worry, your time to speak will come sooner rather than later.

As with most Mediterranean women, Spanish girls are very passionate. It might not seem like that at first since they are also polite, tender and sentimental. However, once she becomes emotionally upset, get ready for expressing with lots of colorful words and gestures.

Spanish girls are similar to most girls from South Europe - they like to express themselves and talk about how they feel. More often than not, she will express her emotions at a high volume.  

Although Spanish girls are quick to temper, they are also equally quick to calm down, forget about everything that made her burst into flames and gets back to normal behavior. All of this in just a couple of minutes.

Remember how I told you that you’ll learn how to become more patient if you’re seeing a Spanish girl? Well, her strong, passionate and hot personality is one of the reasons. The other ones are arguments.

You can try to argue as long as you want but a Spanish girl will always think that she’s right. Actually, you should already know that women are always right but Spanish girls are a little bit different due to their fiery temper.

Another interesting bit about arguments is that there will be situations where you will think that it’s an argument but it’s not to her. She just converts her opinion in sounds and gestures that might look like she’s mad.

Spanish girls have a weird mix of femininity and feminism and that is why you should be careful with your words. Although she expects you to compliment her looks, Spanish girls expect you to appreciate her other qualities and tell that to her.

They already know that they are Mediterranean goddesses so what are the other qualities that made you fall for her? Be creative and compliment something unique to score some very important points.

Where to meet a Spanish girl?

Young beautiful brunette Spanish girl making selfie using phone while sitting on the luxury yacht

Because they are really social and open-minded, you can meet a Spanish girl almost everywhere you go, whether it’s on the street, at the beach or during your night out. It is not uncommon to bump into her in these places and start your conversation spontaneously.

Hospitality is another quality of Spanish girls so you can also use the helpless tourist game to your advantage. If the feelings are mutual, she will not only help you with directions but maybe go for a walk or a coffee with you.

However, I do think that as a tourist, your best bet is the night game. There are so many great bars, cafes, and nightclubs in Barcelona where you can meet your Spanish girl.

Here are some of my the clubs that I’ve visited in Barcelona:


Dubbed as the king of Barcelona’s nightclubs, Razzmatazz is a place which consists of five venues in one and they all play a different type of music.

If you’re more into electro, techno or dubstep, you should go to The Loft while The Pop Bar is for the pop music lovers. Lolita plays a mixture of electro-pop, disco, and electronica and there is also the Rex room.

However, the main attraction for most party goers is the Rex Club, the main venue which hosts various international DJs and musicians such as Arctic Monkeys, Calvin Harris, and others. They also play indie rock and other genres.


The Moog club in Barcelona is a go-to destination for all the techno and electro music lovers. The venue, which opened almost a century ago, was one of the first to introduce electronic music to Barcelona’s nightlife and hosts some of the biggest names in the techno, electro and house scene today.

Unfortunately, the club is on the smaller side so if you don’t mind rubbing elbows and other body parts with strangers, this is the place you should definitely visit while in Barcelona.


If you’re more into indie music, Apolo club is a great place to visit in Barcelona. This place, which has become the number one club for indie music in Barcelona, is also a concert venue for the indie artist. The only downside is that the ticket for a concert doesn't include admission into the club- you need to re-enter and buy another ticket.

The venue, which is located in the former theater, plays different types of music through the week. Crappy Tuesdays are the best nights for alternative music while the weekends are more for electronic music lovers.

What dating apps to use in Spain?

Closeup image of a female legs with dumbbells and smartphone on the floor at gym

I know that the most ideal situation to meet a Spanish girl is to bump at her but sometimes it is not possible due to your time or some other reasons. Thankfully, we live in a modern age where most people use online dating apps and websites.

Try International Cupid if you're serious about dating a girl from Spain. The site is aimed at international dating, so most of the girls you find on the site will know English.

This article wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention Tinder, one of the most popular dating applications in the world. Spanish girls are into Tinder, so I’m sure you’re going to find the right match for you.

Another thing that I like about Tinder besides the fact that many single Spanish girls use it is their Passport add-on. This add-on allows you to chat with Spanish girls even before you arrive in Spain. You need to pay for this add-on but it’s worth every penny.


Spain is another Mediterranean country that took me by surprise and makes me want to stay longer. It has all the right things for great tourist destination-beaches, landscapes, people, and food.

Add beautiful Spanish girls to this mix and you’ll understand why this is definitely a country I would like to visit again.

The dating site I mentioned before, International Cupid, is a great place to find a spanish girl if you're serious about dating.

Spanish girls are not your typical feminine girls. Despite their feminine looks, they are not delicate flowers. They are strong-willed, independent women who like to be taken care of their men and can’t be fooled that easily.

I hope that with this text you’ve learned more about Spanish girls so you know what to expect from them when you visit Spain.

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