Ukrainian Girls - The best and hottest Europe has to offer

When I’ve told my friends I’m going on a long business trip to Ukraine, they were jealous and thought that I was the luckiest guy in the world.

‘’Dude, you do know that Ukrainian girls are the hottest in the world?’’. ‘’They are hot and easy, I’m sure you’re going to have so much fun!!!’’.

I was suspicious about their claims since none of them have ever been to Ukraine. These are all just things that they’ve read on the Internet and you know how sometimes these type of things are not true.

As soon as I’ve landed in Ukraine, I knew that they weren’t lying about the beauty and breathtaking appearance of Ukrainian girls. The Streets of Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa were full of good-looking women proudly showing their beauty.  

However, winning an Ukrainian woman’s heart is not as easy as many people think, myself included.  

That is why I’m going to share my experience with Ukrainian girls during the stay. If you want to find out more about these Slavic beauties, their personality, and looks as well as the easiest way to score an Ukrainian girl, please read on.

How do Ukrainian girls look?

Photo of Ukrainian young cute lady sitting near window in cafe while using tablet computer.

Many people say that Ukrainian girls are among the most beautiful girls in the world and they’re not too far from the truth. These are the girls that will make your jaw drop and head spin.

Why are Ukrainian girls considered as one of the most beautiful girls? Diversity is probably one of the reasons. Through history, different parts of Ukraine has mixed with different ethnicities, leading to a diverse appearance and breathtaking physical features of these women.

Depending on the region you’re visiting, you’re going to meet different types of Ukrainian women, all beautiful and attractive in their own way.

The girls from Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and other parts of the Central region usually have smaller cheekbones, round head, and light brown hair. They are not too tall but not too short either.

The southern region like Odessa is a home of dark-haired, dark-eyed girls with oblong face and straight nose.  

However, these are just small differences that I’ve noticed in different regions of Ukraine. Whatever part of Ukraine you visit, you’re going to meet a lot of beautiful women with nice facial features, light-to-medium skin complexion, and usually a brown hair.

There are natural blondes too as well as girls with green and blue eyes. This type of girls is more common in Kiev, Lviv and some other parts of Ukraine.

Although they have beautiful facial features, Ukrainian girls wear a lot of makeup. Most of them use makeup to accentuate their features but sometimes it can have an adverse effect. Either way, don’t expect them to be natural and makeup-free like girls from Germany or Austria.

High heels, skirts, and dresses are the most common clothes that Ukrainian girls wear, whether they’re going on a Sunday walk or in a club. There are girls who have more casual style but they are more an exception than rule.

Things you should know before dating a Ukrainian girl

Back view portrait of a sexy female teenager with skateboard outdoors

Now that we’ve finished talking about the looks of Ukrainian girls, there are some facts you should know about their dating culture and lifestyle that are going to keep your expectations in check.

Ukrainian girls are different than their Western counterparts. If you’ve ever been to any of the Eastern European countries, you probably know what I mean. More traditional, patriarchal culture, religion, the importance of family make them quite different than Western girls.

However, that doesn’t mean that all the girls from Eastern European countries are the same. Sure, they have a lot of similarities but there are some things that make Ukranian girls different than both their Eastern and Western counterparts.

Dating culture is different in Ukraine

Ukraine has a different, more traditional dating culture that is more similar to the Eastern European than Western culture.

Ukrainian girls like to take things slowly and you need to put a lot of time and effort if you want to win their heart. They are rational and don’t just listen to their heart when choosing a man.

Most girls from Ukraine take relationships seriously and don’t want to lose time with men who don’t have good intentions.

Different dating culture also means that there are some unwritten rules when dating a Ukrainian girl. For starters, a guy should be paying for everything and everywhere. You shouldn’t find it rude, it’s just their cultural thing.

Ukrainian girls are not easy

There are various reason why this misconception about Ukrainian girls exists but I think that the most prominent reasons are the political and economic situation and their femininity.  

Ukraine, similar to other Slavic and Eastern European countries, is less developed and is still recovering from their past. Because of this, many people think that Ukrainian women will do anything for money and financial support. However, this is not true.

Sure, Ukraine is a less developed country that has economic problems and there are lots of gold-diggers but doesn’t mean that every girl is looking for a guy that has money.

Another reason is their femininity. Many males think that Ukrainian girls care about their appearance and always look good because they’re looking for a guy, wrong.

They are aware of the fact that they are one of the most beautiful girls in the world and they’re not afraid to show this. They’re mostly doing this for themselves and not because of the guys.

What does that mean for male foreigners who would like to have a quick one night stand? Although it is harder to find a girl who’s into hookups, recent lifestyle and cultural changes have led to girls being more open-minded.

They’re feminine with a plenty of feminism

Two beautiful Ukrainian women with tablet in cafe

More traditional, patriarchal culture means that most Ukrainian girls are faithful and loving wives and mothers who value their family and have huge respect for their men.

Gender roles are still present in Ukraine and it doesn't seem that they’re going away anytime soon even though their lifestyle has changed so much in recent years.

Although Ukrainian girls are feminine, it is not easy to win their heart. They’re intelligent and know what they want. Sometimes, you may find that your experiences with Ukrainian girls have a somewhat "transactional" feel, you pay for dinner and she dresses up pretty. If you want to continue the relationship then you better be able to provide for her. 

Here is a satirical but quite on point view of how ex-Soviet union girls see the world 🙂

Moreover, recent influence from Western countries has changed the way a Ukrainian girl thinks about her role in the society. They’re more aware of their ability to be successful and want to have a much bigger role. They don’t want to be just caring wives and mothers.

They’re into masculine men with gentleman manners

Unlike German girls, Ukrainian girls cling to the traditional female stereotypes. Similar to other countries with traditional culture, Ukranian girls expect of men to take the lead. That doesn’t mean that you should be an ‘’alpha male’’ jerk who is too dominant and disrespectful.

It is more along the lines that you should listen to her opinion but choose the meetup place and activities you’re going to do on your date.

Sometimes, having the last word can be useful to expose gold diggers since they’re going to disagree with your choice of venue and want something more fancy and luxurious.

Being masculine doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be a gentleman and have manners. Ukranian girl loves when a man opens the door for her, take her coat or move the chair. This will show her that you’re not some jerk who doesn’t respect women.

Ukrainian girls from different regions have different personality traits

Although most Ukrainian girls have a similar personality, there are still some differences, depending on the region you’re visiting.

There are some cities like Lviv where religion is a big part of a lifestyle. I’ve been told that they have a pretty high rate of church attendance so you shouldn’t expect them to be too open-minded. Moreover, gossip and slut-shame are other reasons for their sexual reticence.

Lviv is by no means a small city but all of the activities are concentrated in the small area, meaning that gossip and slut-shaming travel quickly.

On the contrary, girls from Kiev are more open-minded and friendly. They’re more into meeting new people, hearing their life story and maybe even doing something more.

That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t approach the girls in smaller or more conservative cities. Ukrainian women like when men approach them, whether it’s on the street, at a bar or a club. You just need to keep your expectations low for anything more than a date.

What to expect from your first date with a Ukrainian girl?

Young beautiful couple in love walking hand in hand in Kiev - first date,  romantic, love concept - black and white filter

When it comes to your first meetup with a Ukrainian girl, sometimes it can be like you’re under interrogation. Ukrainian women can be quite suspicious and guarded so be prepared to answer a lot of questions on your first date.

They like to know your intentions and the reason why you’re visiting Ukraine since they’re aware of their beauty and the fact that most men want to sleep with them.

Honesty is the best policy with Ukrainian girls. Try to frame your answers in a way that will satisfy her and don’t show if you have an intention to sleep with her. Not a single girl would like to hear that you’ve invited her on a date because you want to have sex with her.

Too much flatter and talking only great things about her country can also be counter-productive and you’re going to end up without your date.

After she’s done with the interrogation part, the rest of the date will be smooth sailing, especially if you have a lot in common. Ukrainian girls are smart, well-educated  and have a lot of interests so I’m sure you’re going to pick the right topics on your first date.

However, when it comes to more sensitive and personal topics, you’re going to wait a little bit longer before she opens up to you.

Do Ukrainian girls use dating apps and sites?

I wasn’t expecting much from dating apps and sites in Ukraine since they have more conservative dating culture. However, Ukrainian girls actually use dating apps and sites.

There are lots of dating sites and apps that are local and not known among foreigners.

The dating site UkraineDate is a great place if you're looking for Ukrainian girls who are serious about dating a foreign man. A good thing about this website is that you can expect the girls on there to speak English. 

Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps in the world that is used by many, is another good choice for online dating, I’ve come to the conclusion that the girls that are using Tinder in Ukraine are more open-minded and into hookups.

Tinder also has a so-called Passport add-on which allows you to chat with Ukrainian girls even before you arrive there. It is a paid option but it’s worth it. You’re going to have at least one date set up even before you’ve put your feet on the Ukrainian ground.

How is the nightlife in Ukraine?

Night game can be pretty successful in Ukraine, especially in bigger cities like Kiev, Lviv or Odessa that are filled with lots of trendy bars, art-centric spots, and cocktail lounges. Don’t forget about clubs that have a great service, cool atmosphere, and beautiful girls too.  

These are some of my favorite places to go out in Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa. I’ve included almost everything from the chill and trendy bars to great nightclubs so I’m sure you’re going to find something for your liking

Pink Freud

This bar is the right place for all the cocktail lovers who are not only into the world’s famous cocktails but would also like to try some new ones. Filled with various portraits of Freud, this spot is a chill place where you can meet locals and beautiful Ukrainian girls.  


If you want to have a stunning view of the capital of Ukraine, Skybar is the place for you. Popular among locals, this bar is known for its great atmosphere, cool music played by various famous DJs and excellent drinks. It is not the cheapest place in Kiev but everything has its price, especially if its a place with a great view and lots of beautiful Ukrainian girls swirling on the dancefloor.

Loggerhead Bar

Loggerhead Bar is one of many secret spots that the Ukrainian capital hides. Hidden behind an unnamed door in a dark courtyard, the place is a live jazz club with an interesting interior and great drinks. In order to get in, you need to guess the password, which makes this spot even more mysterious and interesting.


Out of all the places I’ve visited in Lviv, Masoch bar was the one that left me with the biggest impression. Dedicated to an erotic writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, the place is filled with various S&M and erotic decorations. They also have a masochistic-themed menu with extreme cocktails and food with aphrodisiacs.

Odessa, the third largest city in Ukraine located on the shore of Black Seas has become the club capital of Ukraine, especially in the summer with lots of alcohol, music, and parties.

If you’re visiting Odessa during summertime and happen to be there just for the weekend as I did, I recommend going to the Itaka Beach Club. You can spend the day by the pool and continue partying after the sunset when this bar transforms into a nightclub.    


Beautiful young Ukrainian women in the city

I’m glad I’ve had a chance to visit more than one city in a foreign country like Ukraine and not just the capital. Countries this big have different influences in different regions, leading to a more distinct architecture as well as lifestyle and culture.

This also translates to women. Although there are so many things that girls from Kiev, Lviv, and Odessa have in common, there is always some personality trait or feature that makes them different and special.

Like I mentioned in the online dating section, the site UkraineDate is a good place to look for Ukrainian women that are serious about foreign men.

I hope that with this text you’ve learned more about Ukrainian women, their looks and personality so you’ll be prepared to win her heart when the time comes.

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